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Thursday, May 31, 2007

You just have to visit couture jewelry, they offer extensive line of clothing and accessories from leading fashion designers. When I first saw couture jewelry, I went gaga, the fashionista in me ressurected. Really I'm not kidding, just browse all their products and you would know what I'm talking about. They carry my current favorite brands such as True Religion, Rock & Republic, Seven, and Frankie B among others.

Check out the tops by Sky, they're pretty, something you would want to own. Thomas Wylde is another brand you'd go crazy about. I love all their stuffs, so hip. The accessories found at couture jewelry are just awesome, one of a kind, simple yet with class. These are just some of the brands you'd want to see. So if I were you, go check couture jewelry, a one stop shop featuring all well known and fantastic designers now. You'd find all the beautiful stuffs you can ever imagine, believe me! And why not? One of the owners Penny, used to work for The House of Chanel in Beverly Hills, so you can just imagine how chic she is, a know it all when it comes to fashion.

You should see "Penny Picks", these are just examples of her recommendations, and the featured items are updated daily. So if you want to know what's in and what's the latest in fashion, visit couture jewelry, and don't forget to bookmark it's site. Enjoy shopping!

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It's Party Time

Nowadays themed parties are in, and I'm not talking about kiddie parties only but grown up parties as well. Sometimes it's just hard thinking about what to wear when it comes to themed parties. It's not all the time that we get invited to these kinds of parties. Well here's the solution for all troubled people out there. I'm sure you will not get a headache thinking about how you will look come party time once you visit Moon Costumes .

They have costumes available for everyone, kids and the kids at heart. For the little boys and girls, you have a choice whether to come looking like your favorite animal, or barbie perharps, a princess, a fairy, your favorite superhero, or as one of the characters in the star wars movie, name it, Moon Costumes has it all. Also they have costumes designed for infants and toddlers. There are a lot of choices for adults too, check out their couples page, it's really cool.

If you are fond of anime, check out their cosplay and anime section. Isn't it cool to be seen wearing something from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Gundam Seed, etc.

Not only that, they also sell accessories to complete your outfit. To give you an idea what else Moon Costumes
sell, they have holiday costumes, magician and clown supplies, make up and tattoos, masks, hats, wigs, party supplies and not to forget, they too have costumes for your beloved pets.

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Beading Time

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm making new tops for the forthcoming Bellyfest 2007 on June 9 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater at Ateneo de Manila. It's gonna be at 7 pm and we're one of the featured recitalists. This is the first Philippine Belly Dance Festival. Ish requested for a purple costume, and I'm making myself a yellow one. I had our skirts sewn, otherwise if I do it myself, we'd go bottomless ^_^. At least i'm done with the purple top and still working on the blue one, gosh I still have to do the yellow. OMG it's a lot of work still plus I have to do some beadworks on the skirts. Thank God Elma (one of my angels) is helping me out at least with the skirts. So if I'm not able to visit your blogs, please forgive me, I'll make it up to you once I'm done with all these. And if you're wondering why I'm able to do some sponsored posts, well your guess is as good as mine ^_^


I'm Back

Saturday, May 26, 2007

We're back from our short vacation in Hong Kong! It was fun, but very tiring because of the heat. It's even hotter there compared to the Philippines. Before we left, we checked on the weather in the internet and it said there would be scattered thunderstorms. My heart sank, coz you do a lot of walking and it's too much of a hassle going around when it's raining. And there goes our shopping! Thank God it didn't!

We stayed at Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Nathan Road, TST. The kids said that Hong Kong is like the Philippines, but much neater. But Philippines smells lovelier. You know why? While walking along Nathan Road, all you could smell is body odor to the max...really i'm not kidding. If only we could hold our breath while walking the stretch of Nathan Road, we'd do that. Josh even asked me, "Mom, do they ever know the meaning of deodorants?" There was even a time I heard my son say "hey dude! do you know what a deodorant is?" I just had to stop him if we don't want to end up with a fight with somebody. Josh just couldn't stand the smell, neither do we, but then again, what the heck, we are there to enjoy.

We all enjoyed taking the MTR, especially during rush hours. We just blended with the crowd. The kids were amused with the octopus card, I was too. It's just fun swinging your bag on top of the sensor! We also enjoyed the food, even if we had to line up for more than fifteen minutes. We even had to line up for more than an hour just to be able to eat in this japanese restaurant, and it was really worth it, the best i've tasted so far. Disneyland was so-so. We were kinda disappointed, it was small, and looked a bit dry. It's just different. There were like 4 mascots only and not much rides....arrggghhhh! But it was a nice experience riding in a disney inspired train. The Peak was amazing and breathtaking! I've been to Hong Kong a lot of times already, but this my first at The Peak. My jaw dropped at the sight of the view, it was awesome! And shopping, oh yes SHOPPING! It was great! I was able to buy items that I really wanted. N bought me a new laptop, a belated and advance birthday (40th & 41st) and 15th year anniversary present in one. I chose the same brand as my old one, the ever dependable Compaq. It's a Presario V6000 but we added another 512 mb RAM, and upgraded it to Multi DVD +/- RW. I'm so happy with my new toy.

Josh doing the pole dance ^_^


Away For a Holiday

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If i'm missing in action, it's because we'll be away for a holiday. I'm leaving you these pictures taken during our recent summer recital. (Click photos for larger file)


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