The What Ifs in Life

Monday, June 28, 2010

In the country where I live, auto insurance is not really required. It is up to the car owners whether they want their cars insured or not. This actually leaves me thinking. Don't they see the need for it? Or is it just that they don't know that cheap auto insurance is available. I myself had that in mind actually. You can't blame me because there are quotations I receive that are beyond my budget. Let's face it, times are getting harder and harder and if we can stretch the little amount that we have in our pockets, we will do so.

Finding the right auto insurance can really save us a big headache in the future. We do not know when accidents can happen. Even if we are careful with our driving, once we are out in the streets we do not know what's going to happen. I'm sure you already know that there are a lot of crazy drivers out there and what if one day we encounter one of them? Do we have the budget to get our car fixed? Do we worry about where to get the money? We can avoid all these when we have insurance. It's no joke having cars repaired nowadays. At least that's gonna be one load off our back since the insurance company can take care of that. Hope by now you have really seen the importance of having it.


Quiet Time

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I went back to doing quiet time. I have not been regularly doing it but for 5 straight days I have been faithful. I went back to reading God's Word and started praying fervently. I have been lax in my spiritual life and thought that going to sunday service would be sufficient enough. I praise God that He has once again touched my heart. I don't like to wait for something big (negative) to happen before I get back to Him. I pray that the Lord will sustain me in my daily walk with Him.


How Important is PD?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have you experienced ordering your glasses online? Or do you still go to the optician who used to do your glasses. What if you want to order your glasses from Zenni: the #1 online eyeglasses store, but the thing is you get No PD for you from Opticians. How important is this is PD? What is PD? in other words? PD is pupillary distance, the distance between the center of the pupils in each eye. This measurement is used when preparing prescription glasses. Now what do you do if your optician does not give you your PD. In my opinion you can always ask for it. It's your right since you already have paid him in the past. Now if it's your first time to ask for your PD from an optician, it's just right to pay him a certain amount but not too much. Sometimes optician overcharge simply because they want the patients to buy the glasses from them. What if some patients want to order it online simply because it's what they can afford?


Her Love for Books

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The daughter goes to the bookstore at least once a week. Her life wouldn't be complete without that trip and a book in her bag. Sometimes I blame myself for introducing her to books early on in life. I encouraged her to read when she was only 7 and from there there was no stopping anymore. The library is filled with her books, all sorts of titles and she's always proud to show her friends the collection that she already has. On her 11th birthday, I remembered her buying like close to 15 books. Other kids would opt for dolls but this darling doll of mine is kinda different. Well she loves bags and shoes now that she's turning 17 and in college, I wonder though if she'd still pick books over her newest passion. Shall I give it a try and make her pick?


MRT for the First Time

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I took the MRT going to Trinoma from Makati. It was my first. I normally take the LRT once a month and riding the MRT will be once a month too starting today. Yeah that's from north to south. Honestly I don't like to driving in heavy traffic that's why I opt to take the public transport. Not only that I save time too which is important to me since I have a lot to take care at home especially now that the kids are back to school.

So how was the ride? It was faster than the LRT, quite smooth except when the train starts to go. If you are standing and not holding on to anything, tendency is for you to fall off your feet if you are not fast enough to grab on to something. I don't know, but probably it's just the driver. Wow, then this is something to look forward to next month, and yes I enjoyed the ride. I discovered too that SM Department Store (Makati) is way more beautiful now and I was surprised too that you can now pass through going to Glorietta. Haha I love to commute coz I discover new things, and it's funny observing other passengers too, well that will be reserved for another entry.


Say I Do with these RINGS

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've been married for 18 years now. Each time I attend a wedding, something seems to be different. I couldn't help but feel that yeah I've been married for 18 years now. Looking back, it seemed that mine was really simple, but back then it was not. I had 5 months to prepare and at the back of my mind I was like, man it's still 5 months to go, so early to prepare. But the weddings now, it takes a year to prepare plus they hire coordinators to do the job. It's so much different now even with wedding rings. If you are familiar with, you'll know what I mean. They still have the classic bands though, but if you browse the website you'll be amazed of how far the rings have gone in terms of design and all. Just an example, please check their Wedding Bands and click on the fancy wedding bands. My oh my how beautiful and yeah fancy is the right word. How I wish I was getting married again, oooopppsie, just for the purpose of choosing a fancy wedding band, alright? Take for example that rolex style fancy wedding band you see in the photo, there was nothing like that 18 years ago. Honestly there are many choices now, and it will make your head spin. I thought it took me long to choose simply because I can't make up my mind, and I can just imagine the brides now, having to choose from hundreds of designs. Even the groom can pick from these Engagement Rings which can probably match the wedding bands they'll have later. I've browsed through their engagement rings and I can't help but choose, not for me though but for my son's future wife.


Loving Boracay

It's my 5th time in the islands, but the first for my daughter Ish. This wasn't really a scheduled vacation, more like a spur of the moment thing by my SIL. The three of us packed our bikinis and headed to the islands and got there around 8:30 in the morning. Our flight (Air Philippines) was scheduled at 7 in the morning so we left the house around 5:30. This is the first time I'm taking another airline. I was so used to getting to the islands a little before lunch since landing in Aklan requires an hour and a half bus ride going to Caticlan. Now why was I not brave enough to take Air Philippines before. Oh probably a few years back they had a really small plane (read: 20-seater or something). This time it was bigger that's why I'm taking them again whenever I go to the islands.

Getting to the islands is very different now. A few years back the boat brings you right in front of the hotel's shore. You have the option to be carried or getting your feet wet. This time everyone is brought to the wharf, then you take the trike that will bring you to the hotel. I got a little impatient because to me it took long for us to reach the hotel. It was more or less a kilometer ride from the wharf. Good thing they have very good roads.

We stayed at Boracay Regency. It's a very nice place and had a beach front almost exclusively for them. The area is guarded, so you don't really worry about your belongings, but of course you can never tell. We spent most of the time lounging around the beachfront and alternately taking a dip in the water. Ish felt icky because of the green stuff. That's the usual sight whenever you go to Boracay in the months of May and June. I call it the algae months. As expected the water was warm, still very clear that you can see the fishes. And the sand, so soft that I did a major spa thing by scrubbing my whole body trying to exfoliate. It felt good coz the sand was really fine, compared to the bath and body works scrub I was using, what was missing though was the scent, oh well you can't have it all as they say.


College Bound

Friday, June 11, 2010

My daughter is going into college this school year. She is already very excited in fact she wants classes to start already. For the first week, they are allowed to wear civilian clothes (street clothes) but after that week they should be in uniform. I still want her to check out urban clothing though because I know she'll be going out a lot. I know too that this is the type of clothes she'll wear. I've seen her go into a lot of fashion websites, watching what's in and out. Oh my baby has indeed grown into a lady. Seems like only yesterday that she was in my arms having a peaceful and contented nap. How time flies soooo fast.


Ideal Investment

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Do you believe that buying gold is a wise investment? I do! This is not the first time I've heard of it, a couple of my friends say this too. You see I have a lot of Chinese friends, my father-in law is pure Chinese and they all say one thing, invest in gold. I have an idea too why it's really wise to invest in gold. I am familiar with the price of gold ever since I can remember. I used to accompany my sister to this jewelry place because that was her business. More or less the price of gold is about the same even when it's in bullion form. I've closely monitored it and based on experience, the price has never gone down. This is what my FIL says too. A friend of mine used to buy gold bullion and when the time came she needed the money she didn't hesitate to use it. To her surprise the value tripled and she was really happy about it. There was more than enough to cover her needs. I also remember helping a friend dispose her gold. If you think it's hard to dispose it in the future, you are so wrong.


Maalox for the Face

Milk of Magnesia is not available here. What's milk of magnesia for you ask? Oh I have very oily facial skin, it's not even combination skin. I've been in constant search for something that will at least lessen if not eliminate the oiliness. It's really embarrassing going out with all those shine as if you can do sunny side up in my face. Yeah I am not kidding. So in my constant search for remedy, I read that Milk of Magnesia can do wonders. Since we do not have it here, someone suggested that Maalox is fine. It can be a very good substitute. I'm not sure about the Aluminum Hydroxide though, what harm it can do to my face but then again Maalox is taken orally and it didn't do anything to the system. Well that's just me. I already tried applying it to my face and indeed it worked. I haven't tried it with foundation though coz they say it makes a very good face primer. I'll try it sometime and I'll let you guys know.


Movie Marathon

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm going on a movie marathon in a bit with my fave movie buddy Ish (please wake up now). We are going to watch Prince of Persia and Sex and the City 2. We've been waiting for this 2 films to show and we're excited to see it. I hope I don't fall asleep inside the cinema since I slept very late last night and woke up a bit early this morning. Ok, gotta go, need to prepare now to catch the 11:45 showing.


Invest Wisely

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I had a friend who invested in gold, it was in the form of jewelry(necklaces, rings, bracelets). She was able to make use of it when she needed money for a very important need. She sold almost all her gold and she couldn't believe the amount of money she got. She remembered buying them at a very low price and she made more than a hundred percent when she sold it. I remember someone telling me that investing in gold will give you a higher return compared to any other investment. This is true because the value of gold has never gone down, in fact it appreciates. So if you are looking for a sure investment that will give you a higher yield, buy gold coins now. You can start small and just watch it grow.


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