3 Things I Can't Let Go

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lizeth wants to know the 3 Things I Can’t Let Go. Well for now it’s:

1. Blogging - obviously you know the reason why. I am overwhelmed by what I am making especially in the last two days. I count it as a blessing from God, and I want to take advantage of it while it lasts.

2. Belly Dancing - this is my only form of regular exercise which I really love, other than that, I am a lazy bum.

3. Cooking - I feel happy seeing my family enjoy what I cook for them. Yeah sometimes I get tired, but at the end of the day I can still smile at myself, giving myself a pat on the shoulder “Good cooking Girlie”!

Hmmm, how about you KC, Francine, Cuz(now that you are the Chairman), and Rhada? Please? Thanks!


Police Gear

Well if you think that this site is only for the police force, then you're wrong. Although this company was built to provide gears for the police, they also sell to the public. If you are in need of a 5.11 Tactical Pants, then this is the website for you. Hurry and avail of free shipping being offered. Browse through their website, you might find some other interesting things you might need. Oh by the way, your orders can be processed within 24 hours since they have a huge inventory. They ship to all military addresses using USPS Priority Mail.


Sem Break

Sem Break started last Monday for the kids. It’s going to be a week long vacation. We planned to go to Subic today, but some things came up so the plan was ditched. Too bad, everyone was already excited. I know you’d say what about the other days of the week. Well my answer is I don’t think so, unless we want to be caught in a jam. Yes, there will be a lot of people who will be going home to the province to remember their dead relatives. We already experienced going out of town on those dates, and I swear we will never do it again. Half of the time was wasted on travelling.

Now I have to think of another plan. Oh maybe we can go swimming at the nearby Ace Water Spa. I have not tried it, but my kids have, a couple of times already. Yeah I think that’s it, we will go swimming tomorrow!


Get your Own Domain

Gone are the days when it's impossible to get your own domain/website. When my husband first set up his own website eons ago, it's like we spent a whole lot of fortune. But look now, I have my own website all because it's very affordable now. I really suggest that you have your own website if you really want to monetize your blogs. I know of a company who offers affordable web hosting and domain registration and it's called Gossimer. With Gossimer, they promise to give you value for your money, 100% uptime, and awesome customer service. Their package features no setup fee and it comes with a website builder. It's pretty easy, and if ever you encounter problems, they have live support online. Don't have second thoughts anymore, go ahead and avail of their services, you won't regret it.


Halloween Treat!

Look at what I have! I’d like to thank Jet who blogs here and here for giving me this special treat. She says I deserve this special treat and I can never thank her enough. Although I have not regularly visited her blog (you and I know the reason why), but she still thought of me as someone deserving of this treat. Thanks again Jet.

I’d like to give this specal treat to the following bloggers and their kids:
Cuz the newly elected Chairman (Queenie)
KC (Chantelle)
Leena (Shern)
MamaBok (Chloe)
Shireen (Alycia and Sherilyn)
Chinnee (QiQi)
Janice (Amos and Zac)


Dr. Love

I usually hear couples say "Love is lovelier the second time around." But have you given it some thought why couples who break up and get back together say this line? Would you be able to say this line too? Yes you can by all means. But to be able to do this, there are a lot of things to be considered in the relationship. It's not like nothing happened and you just ignore why in the first place you broke off. You need to reassess the whole relationship if you want it to work the second time around. One should be honest to admit their mistakes, and try to avoid committing the same mistakes again. You should be able to pinpoint why you broke off in the first place, and discuss how you can avoid going through this again. After reassessing everything, try and have a heart to heart talk on how to make the relationship work. Try asking yourselves these questions. How can I show my partner my love and appreciation? How can I be more loving and more sensitive to my partner's needs? Do I spend quality time with my partner? Do I respect my partner? Do we work as a team to achieve our goals? Am I thoughtful? These are just a few to make the relationship work better. Remember, it takes two to tango. Examine yourselves if you fall short of the things that would make every relationship last a lifetime.

Now if getting back is not possible, don't force it, it will not really work. You will all the more get hurt and you wouldn't know what's to follow. Instead try and accept it then move on. Here are some tips on how to survive a break up. I really find this article very helpful. I've been there and I know. I followed some of it and would have taken more of it had I known of this article. Believe me, don't let the agony linger when all you need to do is try and forget and just move on.


Congratulations Cuz Marie!

CONGRATULATIONS to my beloved Cuz Marie for winning in the just concluded Barangay elections. GO CHAIRMAN! Wahoo!


This is Just an Option

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Much as we do not want to skip or miss a payment or amortization to our obligations, there are times that we cannot keep up anymore. And the result of this would fall under bad credit. Of course none of us would want to be caught in this situation. Of course we want to erase this bad impression if only we can. People with history of bad credit may avail of Secured Loans to be able to settle other debts, especially those ones with high interest, thus making their current finances manageable. There are also other reasons why people avail of secured loans. They don't have enough money to purchase a new car, or there's a part in their house that needs repair badly. These are unexpected expenses which you are not ready for. But before you go into this thing, you have to think a hundred times if it is really necessary, because you are securing other debts against your home.


Butterfly Kisses

I’ve been getting a lot of “butterfly kisses” from my darling boy lately, he has been soooo sweet, often embracing me too. One day he hugged me tight, and threw kisses left and right. I didn’t react coz I know he needed something from me. Then he said, “Mom, are you not gonna ask what’s the catch?” I said nope! He hugged me tighter and said, “Mom can I ask for 500 pesos for my level up card?” And I was like what? Mom does not have enough moolah. And he goes, “who says, you are in the number one spot of the top earner of the day and now you say you don’t have moolah?” Haha, me and my big mouth, I couldn’t stop myself from showing him that page where I was in the number one spot. And he said “for pete’s sake, I was only asking for 500 every holiday, and how many holidays are there in a year?” I was tongue tied, now I owe him 500 for November 1 which is All Souls Day, hehe, yeah, this one included in his holiday list.

**I don’t know if I have to get angry with him for saying “for pete’s sake”, but as it is I found it funny!**


Top Selling Product for Weight Loss

Have you come across this product on tv or the internet called Nutrisystem? It is now one of the top selling and best products seen on TV. It's a new weight loss program based on Glycemic Index. It measures the quality of carbohydrates with regards to the blood sugar levels. It incorporates carbohydrates that break down slowly for you to maintain normal blood sugar. These are called "good" carbs. Normally "bad" carbs break down quickly which causes insulin levels to shoot up, therefore it can cause your body to store fat. It contains optimal amounts of protein to keep you satisfied. This is the first time I heard about a weight loss program that contains carbohydrates and protein, so I think this is good. You lose weight by not sacrificing the nutrients that your body needs. Nutrisystem is a well planned diet that includes good carbohydrates and small amounts of protein and fibers which our body needs but low in fat.

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Words that Start with "G"

Thanks for the tag Jacelyn ^_^

Here’s how it works:Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Nothing made up. If you can’t answer, then skip to the next one.My Name Starts with “G”

1. Famous Singer: Geri Halliwell
2. Four Letter Word: girl
3. Street: Garnet St.
4. Colour: Green
5. Gifts/Present: Green bucks ^_^
6. Vehicle: GT (Ford)
7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Games
8. Boy Name: Gerard
9. Girl Name: Girlie
10. Movie title: Gone with the Wind
11. Drink: grape juice
12. Occupation: Governor
13. Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow
14. Magazine: Glamour
15. U.S. City: Glendale
16. Pro Sports: Golf
17. Fruit: Guava
18. Reason for Being Late to work: grand entrance of a visitor
19. Something you throw away: Gum
20. Something you shout: Gracious!
21. Cartoon Character: George of the Jungle


What About Remortgage?

Are you happy with the current mortgage contract you entered with a certain agency? Because if not, maybe you should consider Remortgages UK. Remortgages are getting popular these days. There are a lot of homeowners in United Kingdom who are no longer satisfied with the high interest rates they're paying. Maybe at that time they entered into a mortgage, interest rates were high. So instead of having their properties repossessed, remortgage is the solution. Remortgage is also for people who want to raise cash right away, maybe for some unexpected expenses, or emergencies perhaps. But be careful though, transact only with reputable companies.

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Blog of the Month

Thanks to Anna aka Francine for giving me this award. Very fitting with the increase in page rank of this blog. Anne you are one of the instruments and I thank you, you always think of me (tags, memes, awards), thanks for the links all the time.

I’m giving this award to the following blogs:
Cuz Marie
Shern’s Mom


Toys for the Little Diva

Monday, October 29, 2007

Have you thought of what to give your daughters, nieces and goddaughters for Christmas? Here are the Top Toys For Christmas 2007, you might get some ideas on what kids love to have. I remember my daughter when she was so much into dolls, these were the kinds of dolls she wanted to have. Every little diva would be happy to receive these kinds of gifts. Don't waste your time going to the mall just to find gifts. It will turn out to be more expensive. Instead of buying only what you are supposed to buy, you'll end up buying other things, and then you get to spend for parking, and don't forget the long lines in the cashier. So if I were you, just shop online. You will find plenty of toys for girls. They also offer Toy Coupon Codes, so take advantage of it now. They also posted on their website Toy Recalls, so you need not worry that you'll be buying those toys which have not passed the standard.


Expert Real Estate Agents

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home? This is a very big decision to make, and getting help from a real estate agent is a must. Buying or selling sound so simple, so a lot of people think that they do not need help. But contrary to that, did you know that there are a lot of paperwork involve whether you are buying or selling. So let the expertise of a real estate agent help you. You don't really need to stress out yourself, nor take time off at work when everything can be taken care of by agents who have undergone extensive training in this field.


Last Day of Campaign

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I went to the house of Cuz today to show support in her candidacy, this is the last day of the campaign period. It was fun walking in the street, taking pictures of her while talking with the people in her barangay. Man she has a lot of supporters, I think she's gonna win. Let us all wish her good luck and pray that she wins. We'd know the results on Monday after the counting. Go Cuz!

**She's one happy MOMMA too, after the parade, we went to Greenbelt 4 to get her birthday wish. WOOHOO, I'm so happy for you!**

Note: I'll post pictures later, I need to do an opp worth $24, and hope to get the other $21...wahoo, it's christmas!


Not Just for Cops

Friday, October 26, 2007

When I first stumbled upon this website, I thought that they only sell to cops and military personnel. Well contrary to what most people think, these 5.11 Tactical gears and supplies are open to the general public to purchase. This is such as good news to us. My husband takes fancy on everything military he sees. He has quite a great collection of it already and I remember going all the way to Baguio just to buy these items. He was happy when I shared with him this website, because they ship worldwide. He wants to take advantage of the promo offers they have plus the free shipping. He needs a few accessories and a jacket for an upcoming fun shoot he intends to join. He also noted that his favorite brands are carried by this website. I'm sure he already bookmarked this page. For everyone out there who need to gear up, check out this website that offers 100% authentic merchandise (they are authorized to sell the brands they carry) at low prices.

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Phew! (*slaps forehead)

I was just starting to read these books again (actually I am done with the first few pages) and what do you know, I was put to test right away. I just couldn't control my anger and my temper rose to great heights. There are just times that we parents get so frustrated and it just breaks our heart. No, I will not stop reading this book even if N does not believe in it, he has his reasons for not believing and I couldn't quite firgure what. Oh well, the joys and frustrations of mommyhood, it's sometimes hard to cope up.


Commercial Van Insurance

Did you know that there is a separate commercial van insurance in the UK? But how would you determine if the van needs a commercial van insurance? It's pretty simple. If your van is used for transporting goods or passengers, van is for hire, van is used for paid driving instructions, then it requires a commercial van insurance. This is a requirement in the UK for you to drive on any public road. So if you own a van for commercial purposes, here's a website that offers UK Cheap Van Insurance, they are the unbeatable company that offers the lowest guaranteed van insurance in the market today. They have a challenge too, if you find an offer lower than what their company offers, they will gladly give you a refund. Nobody gives this kind of challenge if they are not sure of what they offer.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't laugh at me now, but yes I do that (referring to the picture). When I need to do something like cook or do some errands, I normally put a note on top of my laptop, N has a habit of turning it off to conserve energy ^_^ . Haha, what OPPs can do!


The Shopping Cart Software to Beat

I would just like to tell everyone that putting up your own online store is not much of a hassle anymore. You don't even need the services of a web designer anymore. Introducing the shopping cart software, a software which allows you to create your own online store. They would not be an award winning shopping cart software for nothing. It is very easy to set up and it does not require you to have knowledge of html nor should you have graphic design skills. It has about 50 editable themes to choose from and it is fully customisable. They also offer free tech support 24/7 in case you encounter some problems.

If you have any plans of putting up your own online store, better take advantage of this offer. I have a few friends who have their online stores running already and I have yet to hear a negative feedback from them. In fact they say that they have saved a lot, considering that they don't need to pay for manpower. They also said that they have wider audience now since anybody who has internet connection can view their products and become potential customers. So if I were you, start building your own online store now.


Truck Accessories

My husband would be delighted to hear my good news. But the thing is we don't live in the United States. Do you know why I'm saying this? My husband does not like our automobiles stock. He wants to dress it up all the time. Proof is his SUV and my mini SUV. He already spent a fortune on this. If only we live in the US, we could have saved a lot of money. I found the website that has the guaranteed lowest price of truck accessories in the market. I was able to compare, since I know the price he paid for all those accessories he placed in our SUVs. Oh well...but this does not stop me from sharing my discovery to my sisters and friends who are staying in the United States. I know they would thank me for sharing this "secret" with them.


Get Better Credit Standing

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A lot of people are deep into debts nowadays. Times are hard and it's no joke raising a family, paying for school, paying for the amortization of your house and car. So a lot of people resort to borrowing money just to be able to fulfil these obligations. It's not all the time you have extra cash in hand. I know of somebody who has fallen deep into debt in the US and she's having a hard time availing loans. I have mentioned to her that this website offers loans to people with bad credit standing. It would be her chance to improve her credit standing. What's nice about this website, it allows you to choose the best credit offer available. Hopefully my friend will be out of debt soon and will be able to have a fresh start.


Handy Man

If you are in the construction business, these Ingersoll Rand air tools is a must have. Even if you think you don't really need it, it may come in handy anytime. Having these tools is a big help. We've experienced that when we were building our house. My husband bought a few tools, and our carpenters were happy about it. What they can do in an hour is doubled because of the tools, and they don't really get tired that much compared to manual labor.


In Between

This is what I do in between cooking, doing sponsored posts and doing errands. It clears my mind of stress, it brings excitement, improves my aging reflex, and improves my cooking skills NOT! Hehe, even with games it's still cooking, it just shows how passionate I am with my new chosen career, DUH! It's just that I don't really have any other choice but to cook for the family. Well, I enjoy doing it anyways, especially if I see the satisfied faces of the people in the dining table.


French Beds

If given the choice, I would always go for French inspired furniture. It has a certain kind of class, be it elaborately carved or just simple ones. What I like about French inspired furniture is the details. It can always create a stylish interior. When my mother-in-law gifted us with furniture some years back, she made me choose. Of course I chose everything ala French. French inspired dining table, French inspired living room set and of course French Beds. I get wonderful comments from visitors whenever they see our pieces, and it tickles me pink. I don't really need to decorate the rooms of my kids that much, let their French beds do the talking!

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I've Recovered ^_^

Haha, I am at my peak. Talking about taking a full time rest which I did, and look what it has gotten me into. Marathon sponsored writing! I couldn't stop myself, and it's like my eyes are already popping out dollar signs, harhar. Well take advantage of it while it last. There are days that I'm like zero, not because there are no available opportunities, it's just that I don't really grab opportunities that are against my principles in life. At least I can still control those dollar signs popping out my eyes. And I have been blessed countless times, and I have been tested countless times too.


Blackpool's Hotel of the Year

Are you planning a business or leisure trip to Blackpool, United Kingdom? Then I suggest you stay at Blackpool Hotels which is just 5 minutes away from the Blackpool Airport, and a few steps away from the railway station. It has 157 contemporary designed big rooms. It has been featured on TV, and has been regarded as chic, cool, and a haven of calm and style. It has also been voted as the Hotel of the Year at the Blackpool Tourism Awards. It has been getting good reviews from people who have stayed there. They say that the rooms are clean, and the hotel staffs are awesome and very helpful. Some of the reviews say that the rooms are spacious, ideal for the whole family. They also serve very good food. What's nice about the hotel is, it is strategically located, very close to the airport and the tram station. It is also adjacent to the Pleasure Beach which is the entertainment and adventure capital of Britain.
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The Keys To My Heart

The Tag That I Almost Forgot to Do, thanks Francine.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your partner is patient and never willing to give up on you.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is low. Even if you're tempted, you'd try hard not to do it.

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.

In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.

Ooopsie, not quite true ^_^


Let Us be Kids Again

These Theme Parks have been in the United Kingdom since 1896, thus making them the oldest theme park in UK. It's still the greatest crowd drawer and UK's biggest tourist attraction. The park has 125 rides and attractions for everyone. Gosh, you should check out their major rides. If you're a thrill seeker, then these major rides are for you. Expect a lot of twisting and turning at 235 feet high, ride in a suspended looping coaster that soars to amazing height with water effects, and experience the wooden rollercoaster ride. They also have what they call family rides for those ones who are not really thrill seekers like me. I checked out their family rides in the website, it's still exciting and can compare with the excitement when taking the major rides. Their indoor attraction is pretty cool too. They play mini movies for the whole family to enjoy, complete with seats that bump, tip and turn. This is a great theme park, where adults can feel like children again.


10 things I Hate

Oh dear, I was tagged by Anna also known as Francine about a hundred years ago, sorry dear I can only come up with it now =(

1. Food
lengua (ox tongue), my imagination works pretty bad

2. Fruits
I love fruits, there's none that I hate I think

3. Veggies
green peas

4. People
full of pretense

5. Event/Situation/Incident
traffic, i'm driving a stick, so go figure

6. TV Shows/Movies
I don't attempt to watch tv shows/movies that I hate

7. Music
Loud House Music

8. Household Chores
Washing the dishes

9. Things around the world
War, Corruption

10 . Things about myself
I'm fond of procrastinating, I'm fond of making faces

Hey JellyBelly, it's your turn to tell me the things you hate!


The Skin Revitalizer

Did you know why the fruit gac is called the "Fruit from Heaven?" But first let me tell you something about gac. This is a tropical fruit mostly found in Southeast Asia particularly in Vietnam. It is one of the most valued fruits because of its many health benefits. It has an astonishing nutritional content that promotes longevity, vitality and health. It contains high concentration of beta-carotene and lycopene which help support cellular rejuvenation throughout the body. Gac fruit contains high levels of fatty acid - carotenoid, which supports healthy skin.. Compared to the beta-carotene found in vegetables, the beta-carotene found in the gac fruit is more easily absorbed by the body. Beta-carotene is a carotenoid antioxidant found in the gac fruit. It's nutritional value is very important to the skin.

R.G. Skin Revitalizer is a dietary supplement that supports skin health. It contains the gac fruit oil which we all know by now is a good source of carotenoids that nourishes the skin. It's a skin nourishment very rich in antioxidants that supports the body against free radicals and promotes cellular rejuvenation. When taken, it slows the aging process, supports healthy immune system, and supports cell rejuvenation. It protects our skin from damaging free radicals, and it protects from inside out.

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The New Meaning of TLC

Up until now Josh still goes for his nightly massage. It's either me or his dad, sometimes if he's not contented he'd like both of us to do it. Yeah that happens every night before he goes to bed. His choice would be either "classic" or "machine". One night he opted for a classic massage. His dad asked him why he wanted a classic one instead of the machine. And here's his candid reply, "I want the classic this time dad." Then his dad asked why. "It has TLC," he said. And what does TLC means? Tender loving "CASH".

You see he has been working hard in school, especially in his last grading exam week. I made a deal with him that if he does not get lower than 90 in all his subjects, I will give him P1000 (around $22). That's big money to him already, for his level up card (he plays flyff). We just don't give them money, we make it as an incentive for them to study harder. So now he's finding ways on how have this money for his game. This child of mine is really funny, he always makes us laugh with his candidness. He can inject money matters in his conversation which is cute, he never fails to bring a smile to our faces.


The Top Manufacturers All in One Place

Why spend your time going from dealer to dealer when you can go to the Salina, Kansas Car Dealer that has vehicles from 10 different manufacturers? There's nothing worse than going to a dealer, not finding anything you like, and then having to leave and go someplace else. With Conklin, if the first car you see isn't what you're looking for, they have hundreds more to choose from. That sounds good to me. You can go to lots of places in Kansas for Used Cars, but when you go to Conklin you're getting quality vehicles and service that no other place can compete with. Conklin Cars can assist with finding Wichita new and used cars.


12 Questions

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thanks for this tag Anna aka Francine. Very timely ^_^ you already know why, hehe!

1. What’s your favorite color? for now it’s green, pink and purple
2. What’s your favorite quote? “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
3. Favorite television show? GMA news
4. What part of the chicken in your favorite? Wings
5. When you get a cold or the flu are you tough or a big baby? Tough, I have to take care of myself, you know!
6. Are you more serious or a big dork? I can be both if I choose to!
7. Use one word to describe how you are feeling right now. Happy ^_^
8. Name your worst habit. Touching my zits.
9. Name a book that you could read over and over again. The Girl With a Pearl Earring
10. Are you a collector of anything? magnets, coins from different countries
11. What’s one of your favorite blogs to read? it’s all in my sidebar, go check it out
12. Name one thing you are passionate about. Cooking for now.
I’m not gonna tag anybody for now, but if you feel like doing it, go ahead and grab it, but please let me know, so i’ll know more about you ok?


The best inventory on new and used cars!

It's never easy to have to admit that you need a new car, but thankfully Conklin makes it easier. It's easy to see why they're the biggest dealer of Used Cars in Hutchinson, Kansas. Just look at the selection! I know you'll be impressed not just with the selection, but with the service you get from this Kansas Car Dealer. Don't let apprehension about getting a new or used car stop you from visiting Conklin – they've been doing this for years and I know they'll have just what you're looking for. They'll be your first and last stop in your search for a new car. They are also provide services for Wichita new and used cars.


I Am Dreaming!

When I came across www.schoolhousecreek.com, I immediately fell in love with the Mendocino Coast. It is located in the northern part of California. Geez, I am now dreaming to go there sometime in the future. Hmmmm, maybe in our next trip to the US? Why not, I deserve to be treated like a queen, haha. I know the whole family will enjoy especially if we choose to stay at one of the Mendocino lodging cottages being offered. Gosh! If you go check out the website right now, I'm sure you'll love to visit the place too.


Used is the new New

Hey, I’m not going to lie, it’s great to have a brand new car that nobody has ever driven before. However, that being said, I also know that brand new cars that nobody has ever driven before also tend to cost more money. So here’s what I suggest, when it’s time to replace the car you’re driving with something a little bit more up to date, why not check out the Missouri used cars dealer that understands that just because a vehicle is pre-owned doesn’t mean that it’s old. Conklin Fangman has the best selection of Kansas City, Missouri cars of anybody, and they want to work with you to make sure you get the perfect pre-owned vehicle for your needs. So take my advice, go check them out, and upgrade your car to something that’s new…but not too new


Thanks Cuz Marie

Despite her busy and crazy schedule, Cuz didn't have second thoughts of accompanying me to visit the sick dad of one of my college bestfriends Y at a hospital in Las Pinas. When I told her about it, she mentioned that she wanted to go with me when I go and visit. But I didn't know when I could come. When I sent her sms that I was going that day (Saturday) she immediately said yes. She knows my friend Y, I introduced them in 2004 when she went to SF. I picked her up and we drove all the way to Las Pinas. We were both happy to see our friend Y, but at the same time sad because of her Dad's condition. I ask for prayers in behalf of Dad Nonoy, that the Lord will extend His healing touch upon him.

After our visit to the hospital, Cuz treated me at Pancake House at Rockwell. We had our bonding time which I soooo miss. If you notice, we have not been really going out a lot. She has been busy, and I have been busy too. And guess what takes so much of our time? Haha, doing sponsored posts ^_^ But at least we were able to take some time off and be with each other. Again for the 2nd time, we were not able to snap some photos, you know the CHAIRMAN's mind is preoccupied these days, bwaaahhh! Love you Cuz!


Home Insurance

Monday, October 22, 2007

Are your homes insured? Did you know that tenants or renters can also purchase this Home Owners Insurance? If you are an owner or a condo unit, you can also avail of this. They have a special insurance that does not overlap with the insurance the condo association has. It's best that every home is insured. You do not know when things will happen, and this is already beyond our control. It's very sad that when unexpected things happen, you do not get anything out of it. It's like everything is down the drain. It's so hard to start all over again without anything. Right after the construction of our house, the first thing we did was purchase insurance. Never mind the money that we had to part with, it will be worth it in case something happens, not that we are expecting the worst, but then again it's good to be prepared.
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Leftover Pasta

This is what I had for dinner, a leftover from Saturday's dinner ^_^. I actually planned to do Puttanesca, but ended up doing this instead. I actually do not know what it's called, but the family loved it. Good thing I had a number of different noodles in the pantry so I could shift what I'm cooking anytime. Anyway, here's how I did it.

noodles (Penne)
fresh ripe tomatoes
finely minced onions
finely minced garlic
1 tetra brick Magnolia all purpose cream
Mozzarella Cheese
Kraft Cheddar Cheese
Kraft Parmessan Cheese
3 tbsps red wine
1 can anchovies in olive oil
unsalted butter

Here's how to do it:

Before boiling the tomatoes, put a + at the top so it would be easy to peel the tomatoes after you put it in boiling water. Take away the seeds and finely mince the tomatoes.

Melt butter in pan, cook onions until translucent. Add in garlic, tomatoes, anchovies, and season with salt and pepper. Put a dash of basil, oregano and sage. Add the red wine. Stir in all purpose cream, add the shredded cheeses. Follow the directions on how to cook the penne pasta. That's it, sorry I really suck at instructions =(


"I Want to Visit the Queen"

Whenever you ask my daughter Ish the places she wants to visit someday, United Kingdom is always in her list. And when you ask her why, her answer is simply I want to see castles and palaces for real. She is also very fond of visiting historical places, whatever historic place she reads in books, it will always be included in her must see places. And aside from that, she also wants to go and see the London Eye. She wants to experience what it's like to be 135m above the ground and just enjoy the sight. This is a must see in London, proof of which more than 3 million people want to see it in a year. I know she wouldn't miss seeing all the beautiful botanical gardens that adorn London. She has always loved trees and anything that has to do with nature. She loves to take pictures, a gift she has inherited from her father. So now you know why UK is in the list of her must see places. I was even kidding my husband, we should start saving for this trip already, because she wants a trip to London and Europe as a birthday gift when she turns 18. I have already bookmarked London Accomodation, so when the time comes, I know where to book for this trip. How I wish I will be her travelling companion.


Spend Your Short Break in Orlando

Are you thinking of going somewhere this semestral break? Well Florida would be a great destination to bring the family. This is one place where everything is already there, four theme parks, two water parks, I'm sure the kids would enjoy every minute of their stay here. So called child stress gotten from hectic school life will be completely forgotten because of the numerous enjoyments they could get. If you're considering Orlando vacations, here's a site that can help you, www.orlandovacationsdirect.com.


Benefits of Sauna

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Before I was really wondering why my friend enjoys using the sauna every time she's done working out. At first I could not understand why she has to go through the torture of "steaming" herself, when she could have a nice cold shower after her workout. Then I asked her what benefits can she get from using it. She enumerated the Health Benefits of Sauna. Topping her list is weight control. Did you know that when you use the sauna, you burn calories? Yes, the calories you burn is equal to a 30 minute jog or run. She said she's rather sit it out in the sauna room rather than jog or run. It also helps tighten the skin and gets rid of cellulite. She also mentioned that it increases blood circulation. This friend of mine is involved in strenuous physical activity, and she claims that being in the sauna eases or relieves joint muscle pain and stiffness. So this could also benefit people who are suffering from arthritis. It could also be a treatment for people suffering from sprains, muscle spasm, and other muscular-skeletal ailments. It can also remove toxins and mineral wastes since you sweat a lot. She has been convincing me to use the sauna too, since it helps in reducing stress and fatigue. Knowing this friend of my who is a health buff, she wouldn't be recommending things that are not beneficial to ones health.


Fruitful Week

Wahoo! I'm done with tutoring, 2nd Grading Periodical Test Week is over. It was a very toxic week, I didn't know how I managed. I always had to wake up early, to prepare lunch meal for the kids, checked the reviewers, tutor the kids after lunch, start preparing for the evening meal, teach them again after dinner. My only time to do sponsored posts was when everyone's already settled and asleep. It's so hard to do sponsored posts in between bloghopping. So I always end up sleeping at 2 in the morning.

Friday was a treat for me. I was able to sleep until 10 in the morning. Ahhhh it feels good. In the afternoon, I went to Union Bank to open an eon visa cyber account which has a tie up with paypal. Hopefully all the payments for the sponsored thingy will be credited to this account. Thanks to Rowena, I actually read it in one of her twitter messages. Although I already opened one with Security Bank, I just wasn't sure if it had a tie up with paypal.

I was able to attend belly dancing class too. I missed 2 sessions already and was happy to be back. We had our bonding moment after class when we had dinner at Tempura with my dancing buddies. Too bad Rica wasn't able to join us, miss you girlfriend!


One of a Kind Bar Stools

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Take a look at these bar stools. When I first saw it, I was like WOW! It's unique and very hip, it's like a collector's item. I'd be happy if it finds its way to our house, I can convert one of the extra rooms to some sort of a game room, or probably make it to a "mini bar" just like the ones I saw in the US. Hmmm, I am dreaming again, but what the heck, even if only in my dreams things I wish for are happening.


Teak Furnitures

Friday, October 19, 2007

Did you know that teak wood is weather resistant? It has natural oils, therefore fit for outdoor use. If only I had a garden, then I would go for a teak garden furniture, since I don't need to move it around especially if it rains. It can weather different seasons. In the end it saves you a lot of money. And not only that, in this website, teak furniture is reasonably priced.

Now this is my chance to put teak benches in my 2 landings in the house. At the moment, there's nothing there and once my husband gives me the go signal to buy this, then this would be a great accent in our landing. It would really look good against the brick floors.

I'd love to have 1 or 2 teak tables. I can use this when I entertain guests here at home. I can also put this in the kitchen, if I don't feel like using the formal dining room.

I can't believe that in this website, teak furniture is reasonably priced. I have checked websites selling teak furniture, and so far they offer the lowest price in the market.


5 of 5

Thanks for the tag LovelyMummy.

5 things found in my room:
- King size bed
- desk & chair
- 2 side tables
- Mac speakers
- Red Wine

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
- Dance
- Travel with my BFF Cuz Marie
- Cook
- Shop til I drop
- Travel with my Mom

5 things found in my bag:
- Mineral Rice Compact
- Comb
- Purse
- Mobile phone
- Card holder

5 things found in my wallet:
- Cash & Coins
- Credit cards & ATM
- Pictures of the kids
- Picture of me and hubby
- Calling Cards

5 things I’m currently into:
- Blogging
- Belly Dancing
- Cooking
- my FASHION blog
- Reading


Phased Out Printer

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I have a favorite printer here at home which is already phased out, or should I say they have already stopped producing it. And since they have stopped manufacturing it, (I bought this like 9 years ago), I can't find a cartridge available too. So at the moment it's just sitting at the storage room. I'm not known to throw things away especially if it's still functioning well. And now that the ink cartridge is no longer a problem, I can make use of it. When I came across CartridgeFinder.com, the model of my old printer was the first one I looked for, and yay they have it. They have cartridges for almost all the brands of printers, so if you have the same problem as mine, this website can help you. Finding the right cartridge is no longer a problem.


This is A Friendly Site

Thank you Anna aka Francine for this award. Haha for once somebody thought of me as being friendly ^_^ thank you!

I'm giving this award to the following who I find friendly, friendly sites, friendly authors:



Nothing Goes Wrong with WHITE

I've always been a fan of white tee. I can always pair it with anything. Be it in different colors of pants, shorts, long skirts, and mini skirts, nothing can go wrong when you wear a white t.

It's not hard to accessorize a wite t. I can wear it with my chunky beaded necklace if I want to look hip and cool. On cold days, I can wear it under a sweater or a jacket and still be a fashion statement. There are a lot of ways to wear your wite tee, just be imaginative and you will be a standout in a crowd. Oh, I'm not talking about the cheap white tee here, but a rocking tee worn by different music artists.


Animal Masks

This is just in time for Halloween for those people who do not want to be dressed in traditional Halloween costumes. Wearing animal masks can be a great alternative when you go trick or treat, or attend a Halloween party. It would be fun to see kids in different masks, and I think they too will enjoy wearing it.

This can also be great for themed parties. Imagine everyone in animal masks, kids and adults alike. Quite unique I may say, I actually have not gone to a theme party where everyone wears mask, so I think this would be one of a kind. I have browsed their different designs, and all I can say is, everything's pretty and affordable. They not only sell masks, they have animal inflatable, stuffed animals, party supplies, and animal print beddings, so if you want to have a jungle theme for the bedroom of your kids, or a jungle theme party, this is the website for you.


Happy Tummy *burp*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's what I prepared for dinner. They requested me to do this since it is very expensive if you eat this at diners. They said it tasted good (as usual, I'd go on strike if they say otherwise, harhar) and can compare to the ones being served at Fridays. Hmmmm, my lovedones know how to make me happy. Anyway, here's the recipe, sorry but no measurements again, I usually taste the marinade, and from there I adjust according to my taste.

Baked Beef Ribs

beef ribs

white vinegar
dark soy sauce
worcestorshire sauce
A1 steak sauce
Hickory Smoked Sauce

Baste beef ribs with marinade and put in the freezer overnight. If you can wrap it individually with foil, the better. Make another set of marinade when you are ready to bake the ribs. Saute onions and garlic in butter, then pour the marinade and let boil for a while. This is what I used for basting every 15 minutes while baking. You can use this as sauce too. For the 1st hour, I baked the ribs wrapped in foil and the remaining 1 hour without the foil. Serve with garlic rice. YUM!


I Want to be a Makeup Artist

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I don't know if I already mentioned it here, but did you know that I'm a makeup artist wannabe? It started when I saw models doing their own makeup during a fashion shoot at our studio some years back. I actually learned a lot from them just by watching. From then on, I never had my makeup done by somebody else. I got excited and all when I found out that I can take up a makeup artist course right from the comfort of my home, at my own desired time. All I need to do is enrol in their home study course, and then they'll be sending me a complete DVD of makeup demonstrations and study manuals. And that's not all, I will have an assigned makeup tutor to correct me and to guide me, and see my progress. I can make use of this since I am already exposed in this kind of market, I can make a living out of these.

**Sponsored Post**


Tag: 5 Post Links to Keywords

I'd like to thank Chinnee for this tag. Phew it took me a long time before I could finish it. 800+ entries already ^_^

1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.
2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.
3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.

Link ONE must be about FAMILY: I'm Back
Link TWO must be about FRIEND: My Friend is Having a Baby
Link THREE must be about YOURSELF: Meet the Birthday Girl
Link FOUR must be about YOUR LOVE: Happy Birthday Sweet
Link FIVE can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE: Away for a Holiday

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do this, just feel free to grab it, then let me know, I want to know you more!


DIY Tools

When we constructed this house, we made a lot of DIY stuffs. I remember Nelson buying Makita tools to be used for some DIY stuffs that we made. He also made the carpenter use it, so we can save on time and money rather than him doing it manually.

My heart sank a bit when I saw the prices online, we could have saved lots if I came to know about tool-net.co.uk that time we were constructing this house. It's way cheaper than getting it from the home depot, arrrgggh. Hhhhmmm maybe next time, I'd like to have more DIY tools, it comes in handy every time we need it. I think every home should have these tools.

**Sponsored Post**


I'm A Cool Mom!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'd like to thank Kristine for giving me this Cool Mom Award. I really really appreciate it, at least my effort to be hip and cool is not in vain ^_^ . Nowadays it's really hard to take care of oneself, especially with the demands of motherhood and "wifehood"wifely duties combined, in other words they are demanding. But as much as possible I try to get my "me time" so that I can relax and stay cool.

I'm sharing/giving this award to the following friends who I think are really cool moms:

Cuz Marie - mom to Yeng and Queen
KC - mom to Chantelle
KK - mom to lil K
Leena - mom to Shern
Shireen - mom to Alycia and Sherilyn
Chinnee - Mom to QiQi
Kitty - Mom to Nathan


Beds for your Homes

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, so this is how sleigh bed looks like. I've seen them all right but I didn't know that it was called a sleigh bed ^_^ . This is the style of bed with curved headboards and foot resembling a sled. It dates back to the French and American Empire period back in the 1800s. Pardon me, but I'm only familiar with Queen Beds and King Beds. Whatever style of bed you choose is really up to you as long as you feel comfortable in it, and will always give you a good night's rest. Here's a website, furniturefromhome.com where you can browse their different styles, I tell you everything you see in this website are elegant, furniture that you want to have in your homes. Their prices are actually affordable, plus they ship nationwide for free. Not only that, when you visit their website they give you tips on how to handle furniture and they give suggestions on what to buy if you can't make up your mind. You can even buy sofas online and other furniture for your homes.


Shopping Tips

Thanks Shern's Mom for this shopping tips tag. I like doing tags that give tips, whatever it may be!

~ Start copy ~

It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on. http://rinnah-marketplace.blogspot.com/

Choose stores offering some kind of reward program, e.g. purchase points, rebates or store coupons. Knowing how the program works and when to use them will save you a lot of money in the long run. http://kakishopping.giddytigers.com/

Always ask for a discount or bargain, especially when you pay cash for big purchase like furniture and electrical items, you will be surprised how much lesser you have to pay. http://leahschrader.com/

Buy in bulk or from the hypermarket. Hypermarket like Giant and Tesco has greater offer than places like Jusco or Parkson. (I’m referring to household stuffs) http://montessorimum.com

For food stuff, always check the expiry dates, get items with later expiry dates so that you can store them longer. http://www.heathfreakmommy.com/

warehouse discount, off-season handbags products sale, factory outlet stores are great places to find super-ultra-fabulous bargains. -and again, don't say i didn't tell you this :p http://babyshern.blogspot.com

When you find something that you like, try and look around first, who knows the next shop offers it at a lower price. http://www.hipncoolmomma.blogspot.com

~ End copy ~

To my shopaholic buddies, you might want to share some shopping tips:



I Want the new iPod Nano

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have been telling N that I want to buy the latest iPod nano, sure i still have my iPod Mini but the battery is already dying. It's quite expensive to buy a replacement battery, and plus the fact that my ipod looks old and dilapidated. I lent it to Ish, and you know how kids are, they don't know how to take care of things. When I saw the price online, I was like, hhhmmm I can afford it! So I think I'm getting myself one.


Special Night with Cuz Marie

Cuz Marie and I went to watch the show of Janet Basco at the Captain's Bar of the Mandarin Oriental on Friday. The show was ok, not that exceptional though, but we had a great evening. I enjoyed watching Christian Bautista (Man he was good looking! I heart him ^_^, so cuuuutee) and Sitti. Sitti looked so young, I pictured her as matured looking based on her singing voice, she's real good with bossanova. Janet is still at her best, she was good too.

But how? How could we have forgotten to take our pictures? I only realized it when I uploaded the pictures I took of the show. Too bad, we were really "dressed" for the occassion. You can see how I looked here. I hope Cuz Marie was able to take a picture of herself coz she was really beautiful that night in her 4-inch peep toe!

**Thanks for bringing me home Cuz!**


SEO Meme

Thanks for the tag KK.

Start tag
This is based on the SEO theory that links to posts inside your blog are more important than links to your home page. I have selected three posts I want to promote along with my site’s name. You will do the same thing.Keep it simple and spread our good work around to both share and build some ratings! Pick three posts that you feel are your best or those you simply want to promote. Your site name is listed with your 3 selected posts beneath.Once you have your post up: Add the sites and post links of the folks you tagged onto your post. Try to add the site and post links to anyone involved to maximize the effectiveness.Tag a minimum of 5 people! Try your best not to double tag people so it will spread better! Please actually read the posts from everyone so you can see some really good work from our beloved blogging friends! Make your title a little different from mine to avoid repetitive titles. Please try maintain some friendly updates to your post too.

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HiPnCooLMoMMa: Do You Need to Remind Me?, Gourmet Meal, DIY Lady

End tag

Help Me Spread the Love:

Shern's Mom


Beautiful Homes

Each of us dreams of having luxury homes, so we really work hard for this dream to be realized. Luxury homes need not really be big like mansions or castles fit for a king, it can also be manufactured homes or mobile houses. There is a new definition for luxury homes which is often called smart houses too. We are talking about features and functionality, everything that would make living easier for homeowners. If only we live in the US or Canada, I'm pretty sure that I'd be checking these luxury homes at eleganthomes.com. I might avail of modular home loans. Believe me, not because it's termed luxury homes, you wouldn't be able to find one within your budget.


My Fashion Blog ^_^

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Used to be hosted by blogger

I finally found the time to update my so called "fashion blog". I created this in blogspot in May 2007 but didn't really have the time to post...you know...talk about sponsored blogging ^_^ . Thanks to KC, author of KCStyles for encouraging me to continue with this blog. KC also installed WP in my subdomain, if not for her I wouldn't have the slightest idea on how to do it. Thanks Ks, you're an angel!

So finally here it is, MommaFashion101. I created this blog with the "mommas" (40 above) in mind. Hey we can still be hip and cool!


Total MakeOver

Friday, October 12, 2007

I would definitely be happy to do a makeover of a house for free. Of course I'd like to make every home elegant and cozy. I already have ideas on how to make it as elegant as possible but within the budget. This would be the kind of Living Room Furniture I would go for. A tan sofa would be a standout in walls with a shade of green.

This Dining Room Furniture is a winner. It's a very simple one and yet a statement by itself. I don't quite go for elaborate items, because I have always believed that simplicity is beauty.

A Queen White Panel Bed would look chic in a bedroom. What's nice about the classic white is it would go with any color and any style.

For your Home Furniture needs, I suggest you check out furniturefromhome.com, it has become a favorite website of a lot of people because of the beautiful things you can find there.


I was a Success In The Kitchen Today

I am just running out of recipes to cook, I don’t know what to feed the family anymore. When I looked at the freezer last night, there was still enough for the week’s supply, but I didn’t know what to do with it. There’s beef brisket, sirloin, pork belly, squid, bangus belly, lapu-lapu, but my mind was just blank. Anyway, I woke up early to search the internet for some recipes. I wanted to do BBQ Beef Brisket, but what is a liquid smoke anyway? This is the first time I’ve heard about it plus I don’t have the time to go to the grocery or deli whatever, to get one. I ended up cooking braised beef instead. This is the first time that I cooked this so I was kinda worried that they may not like it. Same thing happened tonight. I had to call my Mom to ask for the recipe of her adobong pusit which is really good. But when I went down, I had a different squid, and not the ones my Mom uses. But still I followed her recipe. When we were at the table, Ish praised my cooking, both for lunch and dinner. She said it was yummy. Both N and Josh loved the adobong pusit too. See I’m a happy Momma, I tell you, this family is hard to feed.


Decorative Lights

What do you think of a wall wall sconce? Would you like to put them in your homes? If you ask me, my answer would definitely be a yes. I have a lot of "dead" walls at home, and I think putting something like a bookcase with wall sconce on the sides will be lovely. I love its effect especially when it's lit at nights. It just gives a cozy atmosphere making the homes look beautiful.


The Age That I want to Go Back To

Jacelyn wants to find out the age I wish to go back to. Ahem, I’m blushing, what for? Everytime I remember this, it really puts a smile on my face. Age 25, June 18 to be exact. I was treated to a candlelight dinner in spanish restaurant. It was a special romantic date, that kind of date that you always dream of. First time in my life that I felt loved, and that I was important. This kind of thing is worth keeping, but only for the heck of bringing back memories, and not for anything else. So may I lock it again in my emo bank, so when somebody asks me again, there’s gonna be a ready answer ^_^.

How about you? Is there a particular age you want to go back to? Lemme hear your answers:

Cuz Marie


35% more when you SELL

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you own an endowment policy? Just what exactly is an endowment policy? As far as I know, endowment policy is some kind of a life assurance contract where you get a lump sum in case of death, or after a specified term. It depends on the policy contract you have agreed upon with the company upon signing. There are contracts that include illness as a condition in the payout. This policy can be surrendered and you will be paid the surrender value depending on how long the policy has been running and how much you have been able to pay. Normally when you surrender it prior to the stipulations in the contract, they pay you a lesser amount, because they have to adjust some things. You have an option actually. Why not sell endowments? By doing this, you get the chance to have 35% more rather than surrender it with the company where you got this policy. And why? Because this company who offers to buy your endowment policy is an expert in selling endowment policies. Their service ensures you get the best exposure to endowment buyers. There are a lot of reasons why people sell their endowment policies. They sometimes use the money to pay off debts, they need money for a business venture, they want their houses renovated, etc. So the next time you need cash, consider selling your endowment policy rather than surrendering it, you get 35% more with the previous.


38 Questions

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank you Janice for tagging me. I love doing question and answer tags, by doing this friends/readers have a chance to get to know me better.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? My husband N
2. What were you doing at 0800? Preparing to cook a meal for lunch
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Cooking
4. What happened to you in 2006? Reconciled with a "foe"
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? GEEZ!
6. How many beverages did you have today? Coffee
7. What color is your hairbrush? Black
8. What was the last thing you paid for? Muffins at Kenny Rogers
9. Where were you last night? Had dinner at Kenny Rogers with the family
10. What color is your front door? Brown French Door
11. Where do you keep your change? Silver coin purse
12. What’s the weather like today? Sunny
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Buco Lychee Sherbet
14. What excites you? My favorite sport, SHOPPING!
15. Do you want to cut your hair? Nope, not at the moment, it's still short
16. Are you over the age of 25? Yes
17. Do you talk a lot? No
18. Do you watch the O.C.? No
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? No
20. Do you make up your own words? No
21. Are you a jealous person? Yes, sometimes
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Angelica, one of my bestfriends
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. My online friend Krisa
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? My mother-in-law
25. What does the last text message you received say? "Leave something for God. But never leave God for something. In life something will leave you, but God will always be there for you."
26. Do you chew on your straw? Nope
27. Do you have curly hair? Nope
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? I don't have any plans of going out today
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? Nobody
30. What was the last thing you ate? Chicken at Kenny Rogers
31. Will you get married in the future? I'm happily married
32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Have not watched a movie in two weeks
33. Is there anyone you like right now? Plenty
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? I don't like washing dishes
35. Are you currently depressed? A bit
36. Did you cry today? Nope, no reason at all
37. Why did you answer and post this? As much as possible I try to do each and every tag passed on to me. My way of saying thank you for the "link" ^_^
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey. Anna aka Francine, Maru, Shireen and Cuz Marie


Do You Like Fishing?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Many people are getting hooked to this sport nowadays. Seems like everybody loves fishing, and it is becoming a favorite hobby among families too. This is their way of enjoying the outdoors at the same time bonding with their children. I've seen pictures of people who are into this kind of sport, and I can see their excitement and their smiles while holding their catch.

But did you know that you gotta have a complete supply for your fishing needs to be able to catch something? Before you start out with this hobby, you have to read something about it first and find the things that you need. Here's a website where you can find your complete fishing tackle needs. Their price is really reasonable and affordable and can compare with other tackle shops. Remember, you must have everything that you need so you won't come home empty handed, catching a fish can really make you feel accomplished.


Not that B.O.R.E.D anymore!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Last saturday, my son Josh requested if I could drive him somewhere (I don't have a clue where, I'll just follow his navigation) to buy his level up card for this online game FLYFF he plays. Little did we know that the card was available in a store just a few steps away from our house.

Then I asked him, let's go on a date, "don't call it that Mom!". Make it let's hangout nah, let's call it bonding instead. Hehe, even with the choice of words, he is very particular. Is it really like this? Having kids who are in an awkward stage? Every word has go through the "board of censors". Arrrggghhh, I don't think I can put up with this.

Anyway, here's what he had. He said he's gonna forget about dieting. NO DIET indeed!

HIS ------------------ MINE

I was able to chat with KC the other night, yay! See I told yah people, I can forget about the boredom! So that's one off my list! I played video games too, borrowed my daughter's DS Lite, and guess what? I enjoyed playing Cooking Momma, hehe so funny me. ^_^ So that's another off the list, yayness!


Get Yourselves Discovered!

Here's some good news to aspiring singers. Let your songs be heard, and get yourselves discovered my millions of people out there! Now is the time to join algeka.com, home for the coolest emerging music around the globe. If you are an unsigned singer-songwriter (solo artist), meaning you have not done a single record deal, now is your chance to get world-wide exposure. This is what you need to do. Submit a high quality video of you singing an original song. Your video should have a runtime of 5 minutes or less. You also need to submit a photo in .jpg format for promotional purposes, submit a copy of the lyrics (it should be original), and a place where they can send your royalty checks. Yes you read it right. You can have the chance to get paid if your song gets chosen by Algeka. Fans can even make you the next big star. They can cast votes by downloading your songs, each download is equivalent to 2 votes for video, and 1 vote for audio.

And for those of us who are not musically blessed, this website is for us too. We can browse the different artists and download our favorite songs. There are a lot of good singers out there waiting to be discovered, some are even better than the recording artists we have around. Let us help aspiring singers make their dreams come true. I particularly liked Paul's video, I like his singing style and I just have a thing for acoustic. He plays the guitar while singing and I just find it cool.

For music lovers out there, discover the emerging music videos of undiscovered music artists. Let us all give the aspiring artists to promote themselves worldwide.

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Kids can be funny sometimes, and this is just one of of their "SILLY-ness" which they allowed me to take a video! Enjoy watching!


Furniture for your Homes

We all love to have beautiful things in the house. That's the reason why sometimes it takes us forever to furnish our homes. We always want to be sure that the furnitures we buy are the ones we really like. I found this website furniturefromhome.com that really sells beautiful furnitures for the house.

If you are looking for some Furniture Home Office , you have to check out their website, there's a lot to choose from. You will even be surprised that you can turn your simple home office to a more elegant one. You can even find a partners desk that will match the office furniture you picked.

I also like their Living Room Furniture. Everything is elegant, and it's not hard to make a choice to match whatever theme you have a home.

You have to see their bedroom furniture. It's something that you want to have in your bedrooms. I've always wanted a beautiful bedroom, since it's my favorite part of the house. I don't mind spending a little more when it comes to bedroom furnitures.

Oh just to inform you, they have a little sale going on, maybe you can still avail of it. Don't waste your time before it's gone!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

I feel so down lately, I hope it's just the weather, but I don't think it is. My life has become quite routinary, and I am not at all happy about it. I miss the times that I can do a lot of things, like read a book, diy stuffs, nail art, beading, watching movies, watching television, chatting with friends, playing video games, bloghopping, going out with friends and fixing the house. I think doing sponsored writing has taken it's toll. I know it's my fault, who does not want to earn a lil extra moolah. It's because I miss the times that I earn my own keep. It's been like 9 years already. And I was just happy again to be earning. Ooops, don't get me wrong with this. N has been providing me with the things I need (there's nothing to complain here) but I just miss the times that I don't need to ask or something, and just go ahead and buy things that satisfy me once in a while. I know you get my point.

But is it really worth my time? At some point, I think it is, but this time it should not consume me. As it is, I'm a little eager to just click and click all the available offers without me thinking, can this cause stress? I admit, I've been a little stressed beating deadlines, and has caused me some zits. Plus the fact that I have been eating a lot of junk foods while in front of the laptop doing sponsored posts. Yes it helps me think while munching on those chips, weird or not, well that's me. I'm no longer allowing myself to sit my b**t out in front of the laptop refreshing the page too often waiting for an opportunity to appear, yes it gets a little tiring. Don't get me wrong with this entry, yes I'll still be doing sponsored writing of course! Especially now that it has allowed me to sponsor my own travels, I can now commit to my cousins to go with them to Beijing and Shanghai this March, thanks to "getting paid to blog". Geez, it's only now that I realized, OMG what am I trying to say? Bottom line is I still like to do sponsored writing and I just cannot give it up just yet. Golly, what boredom can do! I can't even make up my mind. But I promise you, I can get rid of boredom and find something nice to do. That is what I'm made of, nothing and nobody can put me down! Yeeha!



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