Doll Domination

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Initially it was just Ish and her aunt who's going to watch the concert. Ish was given the go signal to purchase the tickets and I accompanied her to buy it. There I decided that I wanted to watch too. Good thing Ish's Dad was kind enough to buy me a ticket. I'm glad I did even if we were located somewhere at the back where all you can see are heads of the people who came to watch the concert. Ish kept saying she has height issues. I had height issues too, but I came in my 5 inch heel. Don't worry it didn't kill my toes, I love wedge after all. Sound system was not so good, probably because I was used to watching foreign artists bringing with them their own band. There was even a time that I thought Nicole did a lip sync.


75% OFF!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

When I see something like this, do you want to know what comes to mind? Yeah, I want to have another baby. But at my age, it's just so impossible. I guess I will just wait ten to fifteen years for a grandchild. Oh no I don't want to think about it yet, my eldest daughter is only 15. Haha, this is what beautiful Baby Bedding can do. My imagination runs wild. But seriously, I wish I was able to find this beautiful bedding when I had my babies. Well not that my bedding was crap, it was actually beautiful too, but not as beautiful as what you see in the picture. It was not even complete. I had like what a 4-piece set? But this one is a twelve piece set, super complete. It's 100 percent cotton, very soft, something that will make your baby sleep comfortably. Look, I have some good news for you. If you happen to check, you'd surely be happy to find out that there is a 75 percent off sale that is going on. That's going to be a lot of savings and a great deal in itself. Remember you are buying one of the highest if not the highest quality handmade baby crib bedding set. This 12 piece set will make your nursery look all the more beautiful. It looks fancy and yet the price is just a fraction, can you beat that?


Asbestos Can Cause Cancer

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Have you heard about this kind of cancer? If not Mesothelioma cancer cells are normally found surrounding the vital organs. This type of cancer is actually caused by exposure to asbestos. I actually didn't know that asbestos can be harmful until I came across an article about it. I'm sure not many of us know about this too. Some people just do not educate us on this, and I also heard that some where not given the proper gear nor were they informed that exposure to asbestos can cause cancer in the long run. If one of in your family is a victim of this, there are websites that can help you with this matter.


Dream Come True

Yeah it's a dream come true...welcome to my cyber restaurant! It's going to be cyber at the moment. Maybe I have to wait a few more years...that is if my son does not change his mind. It's actually our dream to put up a restaurant someday.

Oh going back to restaurant city...have you played this famous game over at FB? It's really fun and quite addicting as well. You want proof? I created another FB account just to have additional ingredients, haha. Just like Pet Society, I'm hooked. Actually there's one more game I'm playing, and it's nice too. Maybe I'll just share it with you in another entry, and of course I'll be posting photos too.


Guilty As Charged

Friday, June 05, 2009

Why is it that sometimes people get lazy when it comes to daily exercise? I am guilty beyong reasonable doubt. I'm only good at the first few days of the program, after which I have excuses here and there not to exercise. Some people suggest that I use a fat burner supplement since I am not really religious in the exercise routine thingy. I don't know but I might just consider it one day when I feel the need to. It could be anytime soon if I don't stop munching on all the food served before me. It's hard to go into fitness too with the kind of weather we have...very conducive to eating and sleeping. Dang!


Kitchen Sinks

Thursday, June 04, 2009

So there's a new trend when it comes to kitchen sink? Just what is this zero radius sinks? This are also called angular sink and is 10 inches deep. This sink has been getting good reviews plus the fact that a lot of the customers are happy with the company's customer service. Absolutely no waiting time since they ship the following day provided there is an available stock. If you're looking into buying kitchen sink, you might want to consider this zero radius sink.


The Creative Me

I'm excited to see my work...yep the one you see on the photos, incorporated in th gown of Nelson's niece. She'll be celebrating her 18th birthday and I volunteered to do the beadwork of her gown to make it all the more beautiful. I have not seen the finished product but according to the Mom of the debutante, it's really beautiful. I was the one who picked the design of both the gown and the cocktail dress and I accompanied them too to buy the fabric at Divisoria. Now I'm thinking, what am I in my past life?


Vacation Places

What's so special about the US? Seems like everyone wants to visit this place. My kids, well including me always think of this place when it's vacation time. I've been there once, my daughter has been there twice, but we still want to go back. If given the chance, we're thinking of visiting other states and hopefully stay at one of the Outer Banks rentals. I've seen the place online and I'd like to stay there in one of our vacations. It seems like the perfect vacation place, close to the beach. The houses for rent count a lot too, they are really beautiful and would make each and every stay relaxing.


Rugs Galore

Monday, June 01, 2009

If our budget permits, I want to purchase more rugs. I don't know but I really have this fascination for rugs. My last purchase was a persian rug, and that was like how many years ago. This time I was thinking of buying an oriental rug. I was salivating on these rugs I found online. And now I can't decide which one to pick, an oriental rug or a persian rug. All are gorgeous actually and they are quite affordable. It even offers free shipping. I think I'm gonna save up for this because I didn't only pick one but four.


Here I Come!

It's Fashion Week once again and we had the chance to go and see it. Ish was really glad that she was able to join us this time, coz she wasn't able to watch last year's Fashion Week because of school. She was like, "Mom, I want that designer to do my gown when I turn 18." She has good taste, she picked a couple of gowns she wants to wear. I especially enjoyed Lyle Ibanez's collection, nope I wasn't able to take photos so I can't show you some of his collection. I can compare his designs to that of Marc Jacobs. Man he's really good. I love intricate beadworks of Michael Cinco's designs too.


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