Cigar Days

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't smoke cigars but there was a time that Mr. N was into it. That was the time when we used to cover social events at nights. I can still remember that specific shop where cigar lovers would meet every Tuesday nights and we would cover that event. I would hear them compare notes about cigars that they've already had, what tastes better, is it mild, they would talk about it's characteristic. Now I remember them talking about this particular brand called Dutch Master cigars. They mentioned that this brand is famous in the US simply because it has become their favorite. I wonder if Mr. N have tasted this one when he was in the US. I wonder too if a cousin-in-law have tasted it too since he loves cigar.


Hair Length

My hair was past my shoulders already (bra line) when I decided to have it cut. I don't know but whenever I'm bothered with something (a problem)it's usually my hair that suffers. I cut it really really short. But not this time. I had it cut to this length since I haven't sported short hair in a long time. I did it gradually. I wasn't contented with that length that after 2 weeks I had it cut again, this time to a shorter one and a different style. I had bangs.

Two weeks after the major cut, it looked something like that. Now I'm starting to grow it again so more or less I look something like what you see in the first picture. Now the question, have I fully recovered from my problem for me to start growing my hair? My answer is YES! It may not be positive to others but to me it is!


Is Your Business Insured?

January is my busiest month of the year. I help out in paying real property taxes and renewal of business permits. I really don't understand why it takes long, they claim to be computerized already. There are probably lots and lots of business owners and property owners. If you look at it, you would wonder why this country is still poor despite the fact that the people are doing their part. Ha let's not talk about it here, that will be for another entry.

Going back to the renewal of business permits, you are required to get insurance otherwise you can't get your permit. I just wished that the kind of insurance we have is the same or if not similar to this business insurance. But sad to say it's not. I think business owners do not really mind paying a bigger amount as long as what they pay for is worth it. To me the insurance we have here is a waste of money.


In My Kitchen

If there's one thing that I am happy about when they asked for my opinion regarding the kitchen, it's my decision to pick one of these kitchen faucets. Whenever I entertain guests at home, I always get compliments on how nice my kitchen is. They would always notice the faucet that I used. It's actually a very simple one but because of it's elegance, it always catches attention. I would often be asked where I bought it and when I tell them how much I got it for, they turn out even more surprised.


I Heart MWF

I ♥ MWF! It's me time...meaning I go to aerobics class. I love the instructors assigned on those days. The routines they do is just perfect for me. I couldn't catch up with them the first time I joined. I'm a stranger to aerobics that's why. Now that they started with a new routine, steps were broken down. It's not as hard to follow anymore. I'm starting to love step, hi lo, bench and weights. Belly dancing will have to stay on the sidelines.


Watch Out for the Pill

Friday, January 15, 2010

I've been told by a lot of friends that I need to consult my doctor before I take those diet pills. Suddenly it dawned on me, what may be good for others may not be good for me. I can be stubborn somtimes especially when I am disappointed. True enough there are side effects of diet pills. Like I said, you need to consult your doctor first. He will be the one to give you the go signal whether or not you are allowed to take it. Come on, let's not be stubborn about this. Our health is at stake.


What's Best for Acne?

Most of us have gone through acne problems. I had mine when I was in my 20s. Now that I am in my 40s I still occasionally get the. The one who is suffering from acne now is my son Josh. Good thing that we were able to do something about it and now it's a bit controlled. He is quite bothered by it and every time he is asking me what the best acne treatment is. Oh boys! Teenagers at that! They are starting to get conscious, could it be that he is already falling in love? Falling in love is just too strong to use, probably admiration will do. Admiration it is! (haha I am not just ready to the idea that my darling boy is already falling in love)


Made for Dancing

I don't have the correct footwear for the aerobics exercise that I recently joined. I tried using some of my rubber shoes but it seems that it was not built for dancing. Not that I am saying that the one I just bought is correct. It's only now that I knew that what I bought was built for tennis. I think that will do. Let's see, if not I need to purchase another one. I don't want to be injured. But I am still hoping that it will give me the comfort I am looking for after all I was a happy shopper for getting it at 50% off.


Earn Your Degree Online

Learning does not stop just because you are already old. It does not stop either because you are raising a family, nor does it stop because you are working. It's a continuing process and it's actually for you to find time. This can be easily done now especially that you can earn an online degree in two years or so, it actually depends on the time you spend on it. There are a lot of online degrees available and anytime you can pick what you think is best for you, maybe something related to your job so you get promoted or something. Actually I am also thinking of getting one in the future. What I like about this is that I can earn a degree at my own pace. You know how it is managing the household and being a Mom. I am really thankful that there are opportunities such as this.


Momma You're Old

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm not getting any younger but to my kids I am already old. When they hear the words senior citizen, they will all look at me. I hope they are kidding because if not I will be desperate and start looking for the best day cream there is. I actually found a list already but I still need to compare and study how different it is from each other. I want to be sure that I will pick the best.


Windows 7

Yet again the computer crashed. I was totally frustrated as I needed to do a lot of things, facebook games included. It was actually Josh my son who was the culprit (I hope he does not get to read this entry). He clicked allow on a dialogue box so there trojan came running, arrrggghhh. I had an anti-virus but it wasn't the latest and I'm a bit lazy when it comes to updating. Yes until now I still have not learned my lesson. I was too lazy to transfer the photos to my external hard rest in peace :-(


Secret to Using Treadmill

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can say that this has helped me in my pursuit to going back to being body beautiful again. I'm slowly appreciating this treadmill of ours. I used to hate running in the treadmill, it's a bit boring for me. Don't laugh but I found a solution so I won't get bored at all. I watch either Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls. Those are my two current favorite shows when I use the treadmill. Try it, you'll forget about the time you've spent using the treadmill because you are entertained by the show.


Scouting for Furniture

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Scouting for furniture really brings back memories for me. I accompanied my sister-in-law when she bought furniture for her then new condo unit. I remember having a strong fondness for contemporary furniture. I don't know but I think I am more inclined to simple things, furniture included. I want it clean, sleek yet very functional. The more simple it is, the more beautiful for me. Simple contemporary furniture are a very good accent to a home.


Remember this entry about me wanting to do a slouchy meret? I was able to finish it Christmas eve. I gave it to my daughter for Christmas. Of course she is very happy about it since she has been bugging me to do it for a hundred years already. She turned a lot of heads when we went malling, she got a lot of stares when we ate at TGiF. The reason? I don't know. Probably she looks pretty with the beret, or it's odd seeing someone wear a beret in a tropical country. What do you think?


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