Not that Stick-Thin

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I got really excited when I came across safe diet pills while surfing the net. I seriously need one. I've been going religiously to the gym for 2 years now and it seems like nothing is happening. It's more like calorie in and out. I really need to control my food intake, otherwise nothing will happen. But how do I do that? I really do not have any idea, an appetite suppressant perhaps? I've actually started snacking on raw almonds, hopefully it will always keep me full. I also bought some tea that will help to suppress my appetite, so wish me luck?


Perfect for my Brows

Photobucket Woot! I finally found the perfect eyebrow pencil or is it even a pencil? They sell those at Faceshop. I frequent that shop, but it's the first time that I've seen that product. I am happy that they came up with one since I have been in search for the perfect match for my brows.

Photobucket I also love the fact that it has a spoolie at the other end. Very useful indeed since it blends the harsh lines created by the pencil. Just a little upward motion and you are all set to go! I bought only one but I need to buy some more since the "lead" is just about 2 inches. I normally do my brows everyday. I need to remind myself to stock up otherwise I would really feel bad if the store runs out.


Celebrating Halloween

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's gonna be Halloween again in October. Have you decided what you want to become that day? I am not into this kind of stuff anymore since my kids have grown, and they aren't either. But for those ones who still get excited come Halloween, there are sexy bunny outfits for you to wear. Don't get me wrong but really, it's decent. It's nothing like what you think. It's cute and there are a lot of costumes to choose from. I could see myself wearing one if only Halloween is big here in this country. But who knows I might get invited to some Halloween celebration.


Meeting the Lil Fella Soon

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm really very happy that finally my niece is having a baby. They have been trying to have one for a couple of years already but have not been successful. Now I can imagine the happiness everyone feels for them. They are very excited and so are the relatives and loved ones. A few more months to wait and Christening Invitations will be sent out. I'm sure it's going to be grand since they have waited for this for a very long time. This makes everyone excited already. But of course we are more excited to meet the little fella more than anything else.


Entrance Exam Season

I brought my son to UP Diliman today. He was scheduled to take the UPCAT. He was a bit worried and didn't have enough confidence. I just told him to do his best. It was a 4-hour examination, and he said it was very hard. He left items he didn't know, no room for guessing he says. I asked him if he was sure about his answers, and he said he was 90 percent sure. Thing is he left a lot of items blank too, so I don't really know his chance of passing. If you ask me how come he left a lot of items blank, it's because it's right minus wrong. No wild guesses here, only educated guesses, he says. I am still hoping though that he makes it, who knows, right?


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