Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 25, 2006


I am Disappointed Big Time

Friday, December 22, 2006

On my way there, I had mixed feelings, anger coupled with disappointment, and at the back of my head I was silently praying, Lord I hope not, as I know i'll be disappointed big time. True enough I was disppointed and heart broken, I didn't expect that she'd be doing it to me, as I am trying very hard to communicate with her, understand her, stoop 100 levels down just to get through. To borrow my son's famous line...Ahhhhh....This is Life! Indeed this is life and it's wonderful!


My Newest Find

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm dreaming of having this, but I know it's very impossible. Maybe if I was doing make up for a living, then it can be a dream come true. But for now, I should settle for the piece by piece that I have been buying, until I get the whole collection.

There are different brands of mineral make up available. I haven't checked all the makeup counters of all the malls we have here, but im very sure that these two brands are available locally.

Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation (available at Beauty Bar)
"This incredibly unique silky powder is a foundation, concealer and powder all in one! It offers exceptional, high performance coverage, is easy to use and is non-comedogenic. The mineral foundation glides on all skin types beautifully to give natural, healthy coverage and a translucent glow."
I say it's true, it's a matter of knowing how to apply it, takes a lot of practice though, but the end result is really awesome. It's not sticky, and it doesn't get sticky at all even when you're already home ready to take it off. This is what I love about it, my finger glides when I touch my face...really!

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil (available online locally)
"Designed to be worn over foundation, Mineral Veil is a perfectly sheer, matte finish powder that helps to eliminate shine while minimizing the appearance of pores. Cornstarch-based, it's as light as a feather, so all you see is shine-free skin. Ideal for all skin tones and types. Contains no talc, fragrance, or binders."

It didn't totally eliminate the shine, but it minimized it. I don't think any product can eliminate the shine on my face...you can even cook sunny side up with all the oil, harhar. It's ok though, coz they say that oily skin delays ageing...look at me...heh!

Bare Escentuals Glee (available online locally)

"Put on a happier face with Glee, an allover face color provided by Bare Escentuals. Apply it to those areas of your face that naturally glow when you are happy or excited. Achieving a happy glow is the inspiration behind this earthy-rosy mineral powder."

Be careful when applying this though, if you don't want to look like a clown. Again I say that the secret of mineral make up is in the application and of course you should have a very good brush to achieve even more.



Tuesday, December 19, 2006

These are the two struggles I'm facing right now, and I admit it's pretty hard. I started smoking fourteen years ago, on the day I married N. It was like..."sweet, can you light me one please?"...until I learned how to light my own. I didn't like it at first, but just like everyone, I got hooked to it little by little. I've had a few attempts at quitting, when I was operated on in the mouth, had severe cough, and if I start catching my breath. But all these lasted for only two weeks, and here I am back to it again. Two days ago, I decided again to quit, I felt that I couldn't handle the effects of smoking anymore, with just very little activity, I find myself catching my breath, and I get a little dizzy when I start to puff. So this made me decide to try quitting again. Since I started kicking this one bad habit, I might as well kick the other bad habit, that is, sleeping late at night. I normally sleep between 1 or 2 in the morning. I always pinpoint being an insomniac when asked why I sleep that late. But the truth is something is soooo wrong with my body clock and it has adopted to that setting, sleeping at two in the morning and waking up at nine or ten in the morning. It has gotten sooo used to that, that I find it hard to sleep before 12 midnight.

I know I am in the most difficult situation right now...so far I've proven myself for two days and still counting **keeps fingers crossed**, I'm positive that I can do all these by God's grace. Check on me once in a while ok? so I won't forget =)


It's My Darling Boy's Birthday

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dear Josh,

I'd like to thank the Lord for giving you and your sister to our lives. You both are our bundle of joy and the apple of our eyes.

You are the person that can make me laugh all the time, even at the height of my anger, you always have a way to make me laugh with your funny statements. I love it when you throw kisses all over my face, I love it too when you lie down on my stomach when we're watching TV or when you simply stay close to me whenever we're in bed. I'm happy when you appreciate my cooking and when you simply say, thanks for the gourmet meal Mom. You always asks me if i'm happy when you bring home your report card and show me your grades, of course I am, I AM VERY HAPPY that you excel in school. This is also one thing that I appreciate in you. You know how to say you're sorry whenever you break my heart...I feel a different kind of high when you say "I LOVE YOU MOM" out of the blue...there are a lot more things you do that make me happy.

Please don't feel bad when your attention is being called. There are a lot of things that you don't seem to understand for now, I know how scared you are at the sight of needles and yet I get mad at you, it's because I want you to get well right away and I can't stand the sight of you being sick. I also get mad or sometimes scream when you take your time when you are being called to eat, it's because this is a very nice way to bond, talk about things that happened in school or just plain conversations. I also get frustrated when you don't concentrate on your studies, it's because I want you to excel. I always hear you say RULES....RULES...RULES...they suck. Please understand that discipline is part of growing up, this is what will mold you to become a better person. We don't set up rules in the house to make life difficult for you, please put that in mind. We all have to go through this, I went through this and I had the same reaction as you have, but now that I am a parent, I understand and I even thank Lolo and Lola (your grandparents) for doing so, coz it made me a better person. I know you'll understand all these when the time comes.

I pray that the Lord will always protect you from harm, that He will always give you good health and strength, that He will give you wisdom, and that He will grant all the desires of your heart. We love you very much Josh.

Happy 11th Birthday!



P.S. Now you see the reason why Dad didn't buy you the GameBoy Micro last Sunday. It's because we wanted to surprise you big time on your birthday. I just loved the look on your face when you got it...it's PRICELESS!


All Set For Christmas

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My angels finally finished putting christmas lights, after numerous trips to Divisoria to buy additional lights. IMHO, it's really beautiful, and I'd better watch out for the incoming electric bill...OMG! I have to work on the inside of the house though, coz it looks so plain, not as festive as the one outside. Maybe that would be my project for christmas next year and I'm already excited. I'd start buying/collecting materials maybe next month, so as not to hurt the pocket, rather than buying everything all at once.

The Big Santa Claus I wanted to have finally arrived...we got it at such a cheap/giveaway price, had it repainted and it looks new now. I'd have my picture taken next time so you'll know how huge it really is.



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

G! Finally we met...you are such a beautiful and wonderful person. We had lunch at Podium along with Cuz, Toni and Tito Rolly. It was also the first time that I met Tito Rolly (everybody's Tito, young and old), he's such a funny sensitive guy. Anyways, We enjoyed all the food that was served, the conversations(it was like we have been friends for a long time, oh maybe we are - "cyberfriends").

Too bad Toni and Tito Rolly couldn't stay for G's "babystuff" shopping. Nope, she is not shopping for herself, but for her sister who is giving birth this Feb. See why I say she is wonderful? Really she is! After some shopping, we had coffee at Starbucks, talked about a lot of things, forgetting about the time and all. G, it was really great seeing you and hope to see you again hopefully with Kat this time.


Performing for Family and Friends

Monday, December 11, 2006

We already had our christmas party in the studio where I attend belly dancing classes. We had fun performing for our families and friends. We got to wear the costumes and was able to do all routines that we were suppose to do in the so called "recital". Our teacher wants to call it a "mini recital" but I'd rather call it a performance. The audience really appreciated our moves, and I can see from their faces that they really enjoyed the show. I asked Isha to take photos coz N decided to take a video instead. Do I have pictures while performing you ask? NONE, as in NONE, and when I asked her, this is what she told me. "But Mom, I was enjoying the show that I didn't like to take pictures". So there, I don't have photos, but I have a video which I can't upload to YouTube right now because of the file size. I also couldn't edit it in Windows Movie Player, it does not support .VOB files. I need a hundred years to figure it out...so for now I guess these pictures will do. I had to crop/blur some of the pictures to show only myself, I forgot to ask them it it's ok to post our pictures in the blog.


More Projects To Come

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I got an early christmas present from my MIL when she came back from her vacation in Canada and the States. It's a slightly used Kenmore Sewing Machine given to her by her cousin. She had me in mind when she got it, probably because she wants me to own one. Yep, the sewing machine i'm using for all my previous projects is owned by my MIL too. Nope, I'm not returning yet the old one I have here, still have to get used to the new one...it's pretty frustrating coz there was no user's manual included. I had to figure out how it's operated, and lil by lil I'm learning which buttons to press, etc. So there...a new sewing machine means more sewing projects in the future...hhhmmm...I'm done with my belly dancing costumes...what's next?


What TV Ads Can Do

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What tv ads can to do our lives really...once again, I was lured in buying this product, even half believing if it can really repair in just 3 days, as what they claim. For me the answer is no, probably because of what my hair's gone through...countless rebonding, blowdrying, ironing, hair color, bleach, etc. I own the most abused crowning glory. But really, you gotta try this product...it has improved my hair condition, not to the bouncy, silky, soft hair that you see on the ad after using it for 3 days, not even close to it...but it had a very good effect on my hair. I had less falling hair, I can now go out of the house even without blowdrying and ironing, I swear!


And The Winner Is...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

strike 1, strike 2...strike 3...and the winner is...soooo sad but it's not you. You declare yourself a winner, in your eyes and to those of your kind. You love your crown coz you think they glitter with gems, but the truth is, it's a crown with toxic, smelly poop, sending a deadly stench across the miles...you are an expert in playing dirty games...what else is new? it's so you anyway...you get your way all the time, but I say your time will come...excuse me, I feel like throwing up ***pffffft***

and oh, did I tell you that my name is girlie MACAPAGAL-ARROYO? that my name is girlie MACAPAGAL-ARROYO? oh make that girlie BUSH...harhar...peacepiss out!


A Very Slow Week 1

Monday, December 04, 2006

I dunno, but I found the past week really slow, despite the fact that we were working. We had work last Saturday, ending at midnight, had to wake up early the following day to leave for Baguio for another wedding coverage. It was our first time to cover a wedding in Baguio, but the 3rd up north. First two was in Ilocos Region. I was all excited to do the Baguio Wedding all because of this...

Baguio's climate allowed me to wear my boots...yes, I get to wear my boots also here in Manila, but always under my jeans. It's fun dressing up once in a while, a really big deal for me. Just between you and me ok? Baguio is equal to boots...haha! I was thinking of that the whole time, even waking up in the middle of the night, rummaging through my closet, choosing what dress to wear with it. Yep that was how obssessed (this word's too strong) keen I was on wearing it.

Twas a long weekend too...classes were suspended on Thursday because of Typhoon Reming. We were scheduled to go to 168 in Divisoria Friday, but decided to go Thursday, and it was a very good decision. 168 was all packed on Friday because of the holiday declared by PGMA. It was Isha's 2nd time to go to Divisoria, but she was like 5 or 6 when we brought her there, and it left a really bad mark on her...the smell and all. So everytime we ask if she wants to go to Divisoria with us, her answer would always be a big NO! But since she has heard a lot about that 168 Mall from her classmates, when I asked her if she wanted to come along, she immediately said YES without thinking, erasing all the memories she's had about Divisoria. She was overwhelmed by what she saw, all nice and pretty things at a very reasonable price. She was able to get her friends some christmas presents, was able to buy herself some stuffs too. And when asked again if she wants to go back some other time, it's a big YES for her, despite the fact that she got dizzy by all the movements. I too got dizzy, a first for me. I'm a certified Divisoria Momma, but there was just soooooo much people that day, too much to handle.

Friday was another bonding time for us...BAKING! It was Isha's time to bake in the house after she took baking class under Chef Jill Sandique last summer. She was the princess of the kitchen, as it was also a first time for me, so I was clueless and all. I used to help Mom bake cakes before, but I was like in elementary grade that time, I didn't know about measurements to turning on the oven. It was actually my first to use the oven. Everything turned out well except that we produced really HUGE cookies.

Josh really wanted to help...but couldn't wait, the pans that we bought at Chocolate Lover was big and wouldn't fit in the oven, so I asked our helper to return it and change it to a smaller one. There was no smaller cookie pan available, so we ended up buying the brownie pan instead, just to push through with the baking, excitement you know =) We were able to make chocochip cookies and I tried making crinkles from the readymix we bought in the grocery. I'm gonna make some adjustments with the measurements though, I find the cookies a bit too sweet. Hope we're gonna be experts soon...might turn this thing into a business...and while at it, I'm thinking of giving cookies as presents this Christmas!



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