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Monday, July 12, 2004

One night my friend Y asked me if i was familiar with blogs....BLOGS??? what the hell is that? (pardon me for my ignorance) she gave me this blogsite(is that how you call it?) for me to browse...pretty interesting huh!...but it looked so complicated...coz i didnt know how i was gonna go about it...but every now and then though i would visit blog sites...lil did i know that it was already getting into my system...i found this site where they allowed journal writing...and found myself writing entries already...but the thing is, in order for my friends to read my journal, i had to invite them to sign up which i think is too much of a hassle...

talked with Y again...but this time she goes...HEY i have a blogsite of my own...then i went WHOA BIG TIME!!! How much did you pay for the hosting (again my ignorance...didnt know that there were sites that host blogs for free)...then she goes IT'S FREE...she then encouraged and taught me how to go about my own blog site...SO HERE I AM! I know i still have a lot to please, be patient with me...

Y my friend, i still need your help...


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