Good Ol' American Food

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

didn't notice until tonight that i miss american's been ages since we last visited TGIF and kids used to love eating there...on our way to Chilis, i decided that i'll just have soup and fries (duh, as if)...but as the waiter handed the menu...your guess is right!!! :-p i forgot all about the soup and the fries...but ordered Grilled Hamburger and Mushroom Steak instead...just by looking at the food shot from the menu, twas really irresistibly yummy...

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had coke lite (bottomless)...couldn't believe that i had 3 mugs...actually 2 1/2 coz i wasn't able to finish the 3rd that's about 2.5 calories only...hehehe

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and speaking of the mug...when i took a sip, the coke almost spilled on the table...the reason?... well i didn't expect the mug to be that light since i was used to clear mugs made of glass...yes, it was made from plastic material...


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