HaVEn't LauGHed HaRd In A LoNg TiMe

Sunday, August 01, 2004

There's this thing that has been bothering Nelson for over a month now...he can't send text messages nor voice calls to his other cellphone...he thought that something was wrong with his NOKIA 9200, coz he used to send and forward messages to it...so one night we sat down and started figuring out what was really wrong with it...checking on the phone settings, the profiles, call barring etc...nothing was wrong with the settings...he asked me to forward any message to both his phones...both messages was received...then it was his turn to forward messages to my cellphone and to his other cellphone...i was able to receive the message, but his other phone did not...we tried voice call too...using my phone it rang...but when it was his other phone it wouldn't even connect...it was really mind buggling...i had a headache figuring out what was wrong too...so i asked him to erase the number he keyed in in his phone list and try to key it it again...good thing he was saying it out loud while doing it...and guess what?...all this time the number he keyed in was wrong...his number was supposed to be 825...but he keyed in 852...oh well...couldn't help but laugh out loud really minus the rolling on the floor...


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