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Sunday, August 15, 2004

oooppppsss...it's not me...it's my daughter Wisi who is a big fan of Hilary Duff...even his brother Josh knows about it...whenever they fight, his target is always the Hilary poster (he threatens to tear it apart...which he finally did one night :-( ...and it broke his sister's heart...huhuhu). well anyway, since she is a big fan of Hilary, we make it a point to watch all of Hilary's movies...the last of which is Cinderella Story.

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so off we went to Theatermall (in Greenhills)...lucky enough we were able to get choice seats since we were 1 hr early for the next screening...at first my son didn't like to watch since he considers it girl stuff...but i don't know what made him decide to watch after all...maybe he remembers the Mean Girls Movie which he missed? but had watched it on dvd, and he found it funny...so maybe that's it! both of them enjoyed the movie, i did too (duh)...am i turning into a Hilary fan? maybe? hey...what's wrong with that!


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