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Saturday, August 07, 2004

My kids just finished their 1st Periodical Test in Chinese...i had to bring them to their favorite place TIMEZONE(arcade games) to enjoy...they didn't expect this at all since they're not yet done with their English Periodical Test...its gonna be on Monday til Wednesday...well, it's just my reward to them for doing their best all the time...

This is their fave hangout Posted by Hello

Here's Wisi enjoying her game Posted by Hello

take a break..look here Posted by Hello

Josh at his fave Time Crisis 3 Posted by Hello

and the young at heart dad Posted by Hello

And here is my favorite spot...Dance Maniacs...when i was just starting playing this game, i couldn't finish all three songs...i even fail on the first song...but you know, practice makes im proud to say that i play this game very well, getting an A or sometimes a B...and not a "you failed" anymore...hehehe...i can even do "wild" now...making use of my hands and feet altogether(duh)...

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and while waiting for them to finish (seems like forever before they do)...i had my favorite drink (caramel machiato) at starbucks...with a slice of cake...that's the problem if you're working's always at the back of your mind...that you can eat this and that...anyway you go to the gym...hmmmmm....

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