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Friday, September 03, 2004

Im back to blogging that is...i dont know what's with me...maybe too lazy to blog? actually the answer is no... it's just that something happened last sunday and i dont wanna talk about it here...sorry but i just find it too sensitive...and it has affected me a whole lot...and i was hoping that this feeling would go away...tried to play badminton and work out to death...thinking that it would be burned together with all the calories...hehehe...but it did not...i even indulged in food...oh man...but im doing ok now...really im fine.

so here's all the food i ate...but not all in one day ha :-)

bagoong rice (rice with shrimp paste)

catfish salad (with green mango)

shrimp soup (yummy)

curried clams

chicken with corn and fries

deep fried spicy froglegs (yes...i had that)

prawn with aligue (crab fats?)

and finally my favorite watermelon

geez...i have to work doubly hard on the treadmill...maybe an hour? golly, i should have gone to the beauty salon instead...at least i could get pretty for once in my life :-)


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