She Strikes Again

Friday, December 03, 2004

Here she goes again...but this time i had the courage to confront her...actually she did this "thing" around last month, but i didn't have the courage to confront her since i didn't want to spoil her i just played on...or maybe i just can't accept the fact the she was able to do it...i didn't want to confirm...

But she did it again...and i don't want her to do it again and i finally had the courage to confront her...much as i wanted to talk with her face to face, the weather didn't when she called, i grabbed the opportunity...she was caught unaware...played dumb for a little while...even excused herself and answered another call (duh)...for all i know, she was grasping for some words to say...half of the "talk" was all denial from her was frustrating really...aside from that, yet another lie was in the making...geez, i was mad as hell...even raised my the point that i did all the talking...i made it clear to her that everything i was talking about were based on facts and was pointing it out to her one by one, with all these she wasn't able to defend herself, coz there was nothing to defend or the end she said sorry...the story didn't end here...

continuation via text...same old crap...too tired to i kept quiet...calls keep coming...of course i rejected it...maybe she got frustrated...she sent me this message..."girl, please wake me up tomorrow, i took 4 sleeping tabs and an anti-histamine" (duh)...bait, bait, bait...i still didn't mind...the next morning, i was awaken by her call...haha!!!

I thought the story ended there...but hell NO...i got a call from our common turned out they talked despite the fact that she told me to keep it to ourselves...hey, hey hey!!! same old crap it's my turn to text her...told her..."what are you? trying to save your face by yet another lie? told her that she doesn't need to lie coz the truth has come out and she has no way out...with that, she admitted everything...haaayyyy...


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