Saturday, January 15, 2005

There was no plan at all to watch a movie...but at the last minute, again the gang decided to watch...this time with the "minus one"...(and plus 1 because her hubby tagged along)...The movie to watch was Kungfu Hustle...originally we were supposed to leave the kids at Timezone while we (the adults) watch...but when they heard that it was Kungfu Hustle, they decided to come with us...there were 10 of us who was one funny movie from beginning to end...very hilarious...the cinematography was great! My kids didn't have a hard time understanding it since they understand a bit of Mandarin and Fookien (although there was a subtitle)...

here i am in a cheerleader outfit (haha) ready to cheer for the kungfu masters...go,go,go! fight, fight, fight!!! (yikes!)


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