Chinese New Allergy

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

To celebrate the chinese new year, i invited Cuz to dinner...we ate at Penang (Greenhills)...why Penang? coz i've been wanting to have rojak salad since yesterday which i thought was included in their menu, but it was i settled for their gado gado salad instead...

i was also craving for prawns...but before i ordered prawns, i made it clear to the waiter that it had to be fresh coz i have allergies with seafood...and just to be sure, i took antihistamine which i carry in my bag all the time...

the culprit

i knew i had it...while i was driving i could feel my face burning despite the a/c...true enough...when i looked at the mirror i started having hives all over my face...i took another dose of antihistamine...the last time i had allergies, i was rushed to the hospital for some shots...coz it didnt come out and i had a hard time breathing...the reason? well i finished a whole bucket of cheese flavored popcorn while watching Two Weeks Notice...

what a's supposed to be his and hers...but it's hers and hers

what? another coincidence???

we're cousins you know...that's why we are so alike


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