Happy Birthday Dad

Monday, February 14, 2005

"Often I find myself thinking of you, Dad.

Of the support and encouragement you've given me over the years.

Of your generosity, kindness and guidance and especially of the many talks that we have had together.

And it's when I think of these things that I realize how much it has helped me. To know that you've had many of the same dreams and doubts that I've had in life.

Though I know I don't say it often enough Dad, I admire and love you very much."

After his regular dialysis session, Auntie Glo (dad's sister) requested if we could drop by their place since she prepared merienda(snacks) for us...twas a very touching moment...both his sisters (Auntie Glo and Auntie Trining) prayed for him, hugged and kissed him, as they greeted him a Happy Birthday...Mom and I were teary-eyed, including Dad too...noooo....we cried...we can't help it...it's not everyday that you see those special moments...very touching...


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