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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I usually asks my "angels" who called, the moment i step out of the car..."Ate, classmate ni Patricia 3x na tumawag (Patricia's classmate called 3x already)...panic-stricken, i dialled my daughter's cellphone...

Me: Atch, why did your classmate call?
Patricia: she's gonna tell you something that is not true at all
Me: so, what is it?
Patricia: she says that I have a boyfriend
Me: ok, let's talk about it when you get home

The lil girl finally got hold of me: (she is a batch ahead of my daughter, grade 6)

Her: hello, can i please talk to Patricia's mom?
Me: this is Patricia's Mom
Her: Auntie, are you aware that Patricia has a boyfriend?
Me: How did you know about that? Do you know what you are talking about?
Her: yes auntie...Patricia told me so...and they've been dating
Me: Whaaaaaat? (head spinning)...how can you say that?
Her: I saw them during recess walking to the canteen side by side and she even had chocolates on v-day...

...and the conversation goes on...sorry i can't recall as i was amused and kinda heart-broken at the same time...

Apparently, the girl was jealous...she was the immediate ex (oh no!) of the guy who had a crush on my daughter...good thing my daughter doesn't keep anything from me or does she? i've always encouraged her not to keep secrets from me and i've been telling/reminding her time and again that those things are normal and Mom won't get mad or anything...and that i can give her pieces of advice coz i've been there...


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