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Monday, March 07, 2005

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I usually ask my "angel" to transact with my bank, but today i had no other choice but to go and make the deposit. When i got to the bank, the line was long, but i was in the mood to fall in line thinking that it won't take me that long since there were 4 tellers...But i was wrong... Am not kidding, it took more than 30 minutes before my turn. I was once a bank teller, and i should know. One simple trasanction wont last 5 minutes...and they couldn't give me the reason that all of them were new, as i've seen them way way before, and my gosh they are not that young looking...i just don't understand why dilly-dallying is in their system thinking that they should be of service first and foremost...they are the type of tellers that keep on monitoring the long lines instead of doing their job...no wonder up to now they are still in that "cage"...and yes i lost my temper...i should have opted for the assistance offered by the assistant manager...maybe next time, as i have learned my lesson...


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