The Woman Who Made My Day

Saturday, May 28, 2005

While seated at the lobby of New World Renaissance Hotel (we had a wedding coverage there), there was this woman (maybe in her 50's) approaching a bell boy who was holding a whiteboard with a Capt. Greasly written on it. She approached him and talked with him (at first i didn't know what they were talking about). After the conversation, she grabbed a seat beside me, telling me that she thought he (the bellboy, he was tall, could be mistaken for a captain in uniform, minus the badges and name plate) was the Capt. Greasly they were supposed to meet. I was dying of laughter inside, not for anything else, but i just found her funny...really funny. I should have not known that, if she kept quiet...Apparently, her lady companion asked the front desk to page the gentleman they were supposed to meet...with the word page, she was like expecting to hear "Paging Capt. Greasly" over a PA, and not a walking bellboy carrying with him a whiteboard and a bell...

And the story doesn't end there... my camera was placed on top of the table facing her...and she goes..."naku, nakikita tayo dito, kasi eto ang camera sa harap natin" (we can be seen...the camera is right in front of us)...with that I stood up and said, that's my camera and walked out...i couldn't hold my laughter much longer, baka mautot pako trying to hold my laughter (might emit a foul odor...fart in other words...hehe)


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