Feeling Big Time

Friday, June 03, 2005

I was at the SunCel office today to inquire about their postpaid plans...i asked for the requirements and they told me that provided i have a credit card, it would only take an hour. So i showed them both my credit cards (Bank of the Philippine Islands)...too bad they don't honor it coz the bank is not giving out info.

I texted a friend(?) telling her that i wasn't able to apply for a line since i didn't have the requirements with me. And she goes, what requirements are you talking about...you only need a credit card. So i explained everything to her...

Maybe she didn't quite understand explanation i told her...she called me...and here goes the conversation:

F(?): No, they don't require anything from you, just your credit card.
Me: Yeah i know, but BPI Credit is not under their list since they don't give out any info.
F(?): Noooo, when i presented to them my credit card, they didn't call the company to establish my identity.
Me: You just don't know it, maybe while you were filling up the application form, they did their share of inquiring.
F(?): I don't think so, besides they saw all the phones we had with us.
Me: (pissed) Sorry but i don't have as many phones, i only have 2, besides that is not a gauge at all.
F(?): Plus we showed them that we are platinum holders of Globe.
Me: As if i'm not! The reason that they approved your application right away is because you showed them a credit card that is on their list...otherwise they won't too...it's a shortcut for them and at the same time less hassle for their customers since the card company has established your identity already. That's the reason why they are asking for a credit card, solely for that purpose.
F(?): (feeling big time again) But that card was given to us without asking for any requirements.
Me: If i want one too, i can have it without any requirements...i get calls left and right asking if i want their credit card. It's because i already have an existing card and they don't need any information.

With that, i hurriedly ended the call...there's no use talking to those kinds of people...low IQ!


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