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Saturday, June 18, 2005

1. I was born on June 18, 1966 at General Santos City
2. I am the youngest in the family
3. I have 3 sisters and a brother (Deborah, Rachel, Naomi and Ruel, all Bible Names)
4. I used to spell my name Miriam Suzette(til 4th year HS), then eventually found out from my birth certificate that it's supposed to be spelled Mirriam Suzet (weird)
5. Went to an all girls school (elem)
6. Went to a coed school (HS)
7. Finished Bachelor of Science, Major in Economics at Univerity of Santo Tomas
8. My Dad is a lawyer, while Mom is a teacher
9. Dad is from Pangasinan while Mom is from Iloilo (both migrated to Mindanao)
10. I can't speak Dad's dialect but i'm kinda fluent with Mom's
11. I can speak my yaya's (nanny) dialect which is Cebuano
12. I "excelled" in Elem and HS, but so-so in college
13. Always belonged to the "star section" (cream of the crop) in Elem and HS
14. Won 3rd place in an inter-school contest held in the plaza in Elem
15. I've always wanted to learn ballet, but Mom enrolled me to Hawaaian and Speech Classes
16. I know how to play the piano. Started studying when i was about 9. Reached Grade 3 (level 3)
17. I've had about 3 piano recitals
18. I quit studying piano when i was 13
19. I seldom play the piano now
20. I dance very well
21. My teacher in Elem would always pick me whenever there are dance programs
22. I was always the "star dancer", always in front and in the middle
23. Have always dreamt of dancing on TV
24. Started reading Nancy Drew books (borrowed from the library) in Grade 1
25. Was addicted to Sweet Dreams in High School
26. Started enrolling myself to school in Grade 5 without any adult help
27. Played girl's and boy's games when i was younger
28. Biked a lot when i was younger
29. Was first grounded for a month by my eldest sister when i was in 3rd year HS, for coming home "late" (1 a.m. from a victory party). Volleyball team won
30. Was into volleyball in HS and was exempted from PE (1st year college) because of winning in the championship round
31. Had my 1st "MU" (mutual understanding) in 3rd year HS
32. Had my 1st boyfriend right after college (Mom didn't allow us to have boyfriends while studying)
33. I've always been thought of being a snob, maybe because of my features
34. I never kissed and held hands with my first boyfriend
34. Did all these with my second.
35. I went out with a presidentiable's son for 1 year and 8 months
36. Got married after 9 months of going steady with my 4th boyfriend
37. I was 26 then
38. Got married in August 1992
39. Had my first child in August 1993
40. my second in Dec. 1995
41. My first job was a receptionist at a publishing house
42. Was once a bank teller
43. Did a commercial of the bank i worked for
44. Resigned in 1995 and concentrated on our photography business
45. I was so skinny then, tipping the scale at 85
46. Started gaining weight after my first child
47. Now i'm about 93 pounds
48. I stand 5'3"
49. I am fair skinned
50. A lot say i have long shapely legs
51. I wear size 0 pants or size 14 (kid's size)
52. With shirts im either XS or S
53. I wear padded bra (i'm not endowed), size 70 or 32
54. I feel comfortable wearing kid's cotton panties
55. I'm a shoe and bag person
56. I have about 10 pairs of sneakers
57. I love wearing flip flops
58. I love LVs. I own 5 bags and a wallet
59. I love wearing shorts and jeans
60. I'm a TEE person
61. I love tank tops
62. I make my own beaded accessories
63. Even sold a lot under the label Bracelet Abreloque by Wisi & Josh
64. I love wrapping gifts, i've mastered the art of wrapping
65. I learned how to drive at age 17
66. But got my driver's license at age 22
67. I drive a Suzuki Jimny
68. I don't drive like a "lady"
69. I'm into badminton
70. Got hit with a racket right under my right eye in the one and only tournament i joined
71. I love starbucks' Hot Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Valencia
72. I love flavoured tea
73. I love Doritos
74. I learned how to smoke when i got married
75. Winston Lights is my brand
76. I've never had prohibited drugs
77. I'm insomiac
78. I only sleep an average of 6 hours
79. I love catnaps
80. I use Christian Dior eye makeup
81. Lancome blush
82. Shiseido mascara
83. Shiseido face powder
84. Body Shop's Plum lipstick
85. I use anti-dandruff shampoo
86. I use Maxim for my underarm which i apply once a week
87. I use Ellgy to prevent my heel from drying
88. I love Bath and Body Works cologne
89. Ralph Lauren Blue for special occassions
90. My hair is rebonded
91. Started using hair color right after college
92. Had my first manicure and pedicure at age 16
93. I do my own nails now
94. I surf the internet a lot
95. I love the beach
96. I love to sunbathe
97. I love grilled foods
98. I love PASTA
99. and salmon sashimi
100. I love crabs and shrimps although i'm allergic to it


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