Saturday, July 16, 2005

I attended the PTC(Parents-Teachers Conference)of my kids today...Trisha's teacher called my attention regarding her school shoes...i was expecting that, since my daughter told me that she already got a second warning for it...third warning means DETENTION!

This is the reason why her attention was called...a heeled 2-in. school shoes...since my daughter told me about it, i thought of an excuse so i won't be buying a new pair...told the teacher that she was kinda flat footed and that she needs to wear a heeled one so she won't stumble...hehe...the teacher goes..."oh, she should have told me"...i thought i was able to get away with my excuse...but NO...she asked me to write a letter so she can submit it to the office...GEEZ, there goes my it won't be too obvious that i was just making an excuse, i told her that maybe i can get her a new pair and asked her permission if 1.5-in will do...this time she bought it...but honestly, Trisha is really used to wearing heeled shoes/sandals/flipflops...and when she wears something flat, she really stumbles...

On the academic side, both kids are doing great...It doesn't usually take me long to talk to the teachers...with Josh, it's the usual...your boy is very talkative and can't keep still...but he has high's more than enough consolation for me and the teacher...

TRISHA & JOSH, keep up the good work! I'm so proud of you both!


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