Is It Because of TMJ?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

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It has been 4 months since i was found to have TMJ problems, and 4 months of treatment too...since the treatment started, i've had 2 headaches caused by extreme heat...indeed tmj was the cause of my almost everyday headaches...

Now the treatment has caused me to lose weight...the reason? it's the splint i'm wearing which i'm not allowed to take off...only when i brush my teeth that i take it must be wondering why up to now i still have not gotten used to it...this i the time i get used to it, my dentist has to do some it's like going back to square one's so hard to eat, i can't even chew well, can't even bite using my front teeth...i still have a few months to wait...2 more months i guess, then i'm gonna have least it's not as bothersome as having a splint in your mouth...


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