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Monday, August 29, 2005

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Hi! My name is Gerbie, a 6 month-old Pug. I'm the newest baby of a hip and cool Mom!

My biggest surprise of the day came at 3 this afternoon. Nelson came home with a Pug in tow. Apparently he saw how deeply affected i was over the demise of Gello. Yes, i really cried at the Animal Clinic when we went there this morning to settle Gello's bills.

Thank you so much Sweet for going out of your way to buy me a pup just to cheer me up!

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Meet my soul brother Popoy, 2 months old!

I sent Cuz a text message inviting her to have coffee at Kohikan in Greenhills with our babies and our Men later in the evening, which she agreed. I was really laughing hard when she alighted her car with Popoy and a Yaya in tow, and i went like Whoa! Popoy has a yaya! Isn't that cute? We had fun, so with our babies who became instant celebrities!


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