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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I haven't been to Makati Cinema Square for years now...and was quite shocked to see how it is now...tsk...tsk...I accompanied Nelson to scout for some gun parts for a friend...while he was looking for his stuffs, i decided to roam around the mall...was too happy to find some potential belly outfits...i checked on one shop and asked if they sold one...i was directed to this shop at the second floor....indeed there were a lot of stuffs sold and they make belly dancing costumes...

then...in one corner, there were a lot of women...excited i was, i checked on what was happening...gosh it was an ongoing "go see" not for a fashion show but for singers and dancers for Japan...geez, what am i doing here? i found myself going out of the shop in a hurry! It turns out, Makati Cinema Square is known for that:women who want to work in Japan as singers and dancers...


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