One To Go

Saturday, December 03, 2005

To date, i only have to drink one red cup and i'm gonna have my starbucks planner...yay! But the planner is not as cool as last year's which was really beautiful...but nontheless i still want it. What for? I dunno! Honestly, i wasn't really able to make full use of last year's planner. But this time, i'm thinking of using know, like write all my entries in the blog instead of printing it, that way i have a hard copy in case something happens to blogger or something (i hope not).


Josh is turning 10 on the 15th, and guess what? He told us over dinner that he also wants to hire the "fat guy" (Austin from the Bernie Pasamba Strings). He also wants to have a birthday cake and make 10 01. He's soooo like his Dad in so many ways, or should I say he copies his Dad more than anything else.


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