I Feel Ashamed

Friday, January 06, 2006

That was what my darling boy told me when he came downstairs. I asked him why...and he goes...i'm ashamed that I trusted my friends. He wanted to download some site his friends recommended, good thing he asked help from his Dad. N found out that the site they were about to download contained adult sites...we had to explain to him the reason why we can't allow him to do it. I thought everything was ok when I came down. Nope, he felt bad and ashamed and had to tell us. I assured him that it wasn't his fault, and that next time when he's not sure about the sites he visits, he should ask us. We are really so blessed having kids like them and I thank the Lord for helping us rear them in the right path.


I've achy breaky bones during belly dancing...had more than a week break...i feel the pain, sometimes catching my breath to the point that I feel like collapsing in the middle, could not complete the routine...this is what you get when you are used to a twice a week session and all of a sudden you miss...oh well... At least i'm back, and i feel more relaxed now, all the muscle pain from carrying a heavy camera gone...and i'm ready to face the battle once more...that is TOMORROW, and we are talking about 700 guests...geez...


Yay, got to see CUZ today...and i feel soooo HAPPY...I didn't realize that I miss her, until today in Belly Dancing Class...I saw her last on the 23rd of December.


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