3 Red Roses

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

N has never stopped giving me flowers every Vee Day! Yay! This is really funny...today, he thought of giving me just a single stem so he can accompany it with CASH! Does it look like there's $$$ sign written on my forehead? LOL...But the romantic side of him gave way, so I got 3 red roses (read: I LOVE YOU)! Darn it! LOL...

Instead of the two of us going on a date, we decided to bring the kids with us. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Red Crab. Josh enjoyed big time, crabs being one of his favorites. Isha enjoyed her foodie too...initially she wanted to have steak but I suggested she order Beef Tapa Romano instead, and she found it delicious.

Just a thought...Why is it that now you are married, husbands always think of the traffic caused by Vee Day? They always want to celebrate Vee Day either a day ahead, or during lunch and not dinner...hmmmm...but during courtship or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, traffic is not really mentioned? Even if it takes forever to reach the place where you want to celebrate...Oh well...


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