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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I learned from a friend that there's this chinese doctor in Binondo that makes kids grow taller. So one afternoon I brought Isha there. In one wall of the room, you can find a lot of horizontal lines with names in them, yep he measures you before you go through the process to see if indeed you've grown taller. Anyways, he makes you lie flat on your stomach and puts some oil and starts massaging the back, hips and half the butt, then goes down at the back of the knees. I watched him do it to the two girls and he was precise, same strokes, same count. This would be done every quarter until they turn 18, yeah it's a long time but who knows...every Moms in the world dream of having tall and slender kids. I can't wait for Josh to turn 12 so he too can have a chance to grow more taller.

He recommends that you put this oil (eucalyptus maybe coz it smells like one) on the sole of your feet before taking a bath and before going to bed.


I mentioned to one of my friends about this, and she goes "hhhmmmm di yan totoo" (that is not true at all). But in the end, she asked where the place was and that she's bringing her 2 kids there...yeah not true at all....hhhmmmmppppp!


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