A Special Day

Sunday, June 18, 2006

They say life begins at 40, intially, I wanted to hold a BIG birthday celebration, changed my mind, wanted to travel instead to Hongkong, changed my mind again, this time I wanted a dangling (3-layered south sea pearl), fickle minded as I am, I again changed my mind. This one's gonna be final, I WANT A NEW LAPTOP for myself. My old one is still working, but I feel that any moment from now it's gonna go kaput! It's been with me since 2001 and it looks old and dilapidated, that you don't wanna lay hands on it(what a great excuse for buying a new one..heh..) oh well...it's my birthday!

Anyways, I spent my special day over at my parents' house and also to celebrate Father's Day. We had a wonderful time together over lunch, then I got a call from my sisters in the US, just to greet me. My special day ends at 5:30 in the afternoon, as I don't wanna remember the next hours that followed. (Cuz, you know the reason)

A gift from N...he remembered that I wanted this so much when we went to buy his bike, so he got it for my birthday. We already went biking with his dog Diego, and guess where we went? Off to starbucks, which is a lil over 2 kms. from our place. It's a good exercise and at the same time we saved on gas, yay!

A very nice present from CUZ and Kuya Rey...two days before my birthday, they went to take a look at our new house. when we were inside the master's bedroom, Cuz was looking for my full length mirror, and when I told her that I didn't have any, that's how she got the idea on what to give me. A million thanks to you both...mwaaah

Isha feels sorry that once again she's bankrupt, so this is what she got me. A pretty notebook, take a look on what's written on the cover, cool. (click on the image) It doesn't matter my daughter, it's the thought that counts.

Yeah am not kidding, Josh gave me moolah (10k), "buy anything you like Mom", yep my lil boy is rich (even richer than the mother...lol). At first I thought he was kidding, but naaaahh. I haven't thought of what to buy yet, and when I asked him for some suggestions, he said a RING (lucky girlfriend). What a generous boy he is, he says he's gonna give me 50k on my 50th birthday =)

With or without the big celebration, I feel BIG TIME, a lot of people love me!


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