Wanted: Reporter

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wanted: Malicious Reporter

F@#%ing unbelievable how some nosey nope make that NOSEY readers single out a person as the target of all your rants. Whoa! Since when did that happen? Or is it just YOU who think of the person that way and I just made it easy for you (all written down here and you need not compose?) I guess so...tsk, tsk, I pity you! And who the hell gave you the idea that I was talking about one and the same person in the few rants that I have here? Tsk, tsk, again I pity you. For your information and proper guidance, it's only ME, and only ME who knows who I'm talking about in all my rants and unless I NAME the person, then you have all the liberty to go and shout it out to the whole world. Don't fret, I'm not about to put an end to all my NAMELESS rants, instead glorify, there will be more juicy items (the ones you are interested in, i dunno why) I will be posting, add to that a few "buys" here and there, my "chilling out" days and what have yous. And yeah, I'm making it easy for you now, I'll try to post as much "juicy items" so I CAN MAKE YOUR DAY!


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