Double Ouch!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

After a hard day's work (wedding coverage), I was treated by N to a foot spa. I miss having my feet done, although I don't look forward to it coz i'm tickled pink whenever someone else touches my feet. It's just that I needed it badly, the skin is dry and flaky and needs a buff. How I wish the procedure is relaxing, but really it's not, aside from the fact that it tickles, it hurts too. The attendant says I have sensitive skin.


The kids requested if I can make them some cookies I did. I made them 3 batches of oatmeal-choco chip cookies, and a batch of chewy chocolate cookies. Josh even helped...made some gingerbread man shapes, and he enjoyed a lot. He can't even wait for it to be baked, while shaping them, some goes to his mouth too, and he says it's yummy. Isha does the same too...when I tried it, true enough it was as yummy as the baked ones. And yeah, i burned my thumb, I don't know how it happened, im usually careful when I take out the cookie sheets from the oven, but still. Oh well...want some cookies?


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