A Glass A Day

Sunday, June 24, 2007

They say that drinking a glass of red wine everyday has it's health benefits. Research say that having red wine help protect us from certain cancer and heart disease, and it can have a positive effect on our cholesterol levels and blood pressure. But remember to drink in moderation, meaning women can have 1 glass and men can have 2 glasses in a day. Red wine raises good cholesterol and prevents bad cholesterol from forming. Red wine is rich in anti oxidants that is why they say it's good for the heart.

Coming from a family with history of heart ailment and hypertension, I cannot help but be bestfriends with red wine. As much as possible I try to drink red wine everyday. Occassionaly my husband and I go to this restaurant in Podium and just chill out by having wine and cheese.

But did you know that wines should be stored properly? To begin with, you should have Wine Racks at home. This is the best and easiest way to store a wine. When choosing Wine Racks you have to remember to choose one that will store your wines properly. Consider it a great investment especially if you enjoy and appreciate wines. Good Wine Racks can keep your wines stored for years, provided you know the others things to take into consideration when storing wines.

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