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Friday, June 15, 2007

I promised myself before I left for Hong Kong that I'd be looking for an electronic eyelash curler. I've been wanting to have this since I can't remember when. It's just too much of a hassle for me to be heating my curlash with a blow dryer. So when I found this in one of the shops there, I was just too happy to have it. This product won the bronze award at the Invention Convention. So when I got home, I immediately used it to my dismay. It wouldn't really curl my lashes, my heart sank. I started reading the manual that went with it. It said that it is most effective if you use it after putting mascara...ahhhh no wonder. Now I'm a happy girl err woman!

Another great find was Maybelline's Lash Stylist. Instead of a brush wand, Lash stylist had a comb wand. This works well for me at least. These are just two of the products I'd like to share with you and I swear it works perfectly!


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