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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Two weeks ago, N got wounded from our stainless gate. While he was closing the gate, it accidentally scraped his heel. I was not there when it happened, nor was the family driver. So he took the cab to go to the nearest hospital. He had 13 stitches all in all. The doctors advised him to stay put for at least 3 days so the wound will not open up. I've been bathing him since then so as to avoid the wound getting wet. I know I could have used 3M's Tegaderm, but I had a supply of gauze and plasters at home. It took me a long time to dress the wound for the first 3 days, the gauze was just sticking to the wounded area, and I just can't pull it just like that. Now he's ok, the doctors have removed the stitches and the wound has dried up a bit. But I'm still giving him a bath and cleaning the wound, maybe if it has completely dried up, then he can bathe himself already. Last night I was able to give him a pedicure already. Yeah N is spoiled...by ME!


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