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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Janice gave this to me as a present - "Rockin' Girl Blogger. She is pretty new to blogging but has made lots of online friends already. She is a mother to two cute boys Zach and Amos. Janice is from Singapore, visit her and leave some hugs for his cute lil boys. Thanks so much for this belated birthday present if I may call it...you yourself ROCK Janice!

And here's what she said:

"HipnCoolMomma - Hip n Cool Momma She is an awesome mommy, from her blog title you would have figure it out. She can dance very well & brings lunch to her children everyday in school. WOOwwwWWWOOOOW ...."

At that time she started reading my blog, my "angels" (helpers) were on vacation, and all I talked about was cooking...cooking...take care of the family...feed the family...and bring lunch to school everyday...but not anymore now, although I still cook their foodie for lunch, it's my "angel" who brings it to school. I just go occasionally if requested by the kids ^_^

There isn't any rule on how many people I can give this award to. So here it goes:

Cuz (Marie) - my cousin definitely ROCKS! Would you believe she is a granny to two? Nobody believes that really coz when you see her, she's like vavavoooom...especially now that she's back to belly dancing. She's my BFF!

Francesca (Amy) - this lady is soooo funny, and witty. I already met her and Michel (the husband), they're a great couple, no dull moments with them. If she's funny in her blog, triple that in person, she never runs out of stories to tell.

Shireen - a new found friend, I really admire this lady, in between taking care of her two beautiful kids Alycia and Sher, she still finds time to cook for the family, not just any food but healthy foods...she uses organic stuffs...she's really a health freak momma, goes jogging every morning, no wonder with 2 kids she is still a size 0.

Shern's Mom (Leena) - a new found friend too, mother to cute baby Shern, wife to a race car driver. She can't get enough of shoes, in a day she can like shop for 3 or more pairs =) Oh, and she has a twin sister who is equally beautiful (hehe of course they are twins). Leena can be your personal shopper...she knows where to find this and that.

KC (Krisa) - another new found friend, she says she does not know how to apply make up, but she has a page that I checked out one time, and she looked like she was professionally done. She has this habit of buying domain names and would you believe just today she bought 4? She owns like about 16 domain names already...cool isn't it? oooppps, before I forget, she is a geek...check out her site and find out more about her.


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