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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simpsons The Movie is finally shown in theaters. Ish and Josh have been looking forward to this since the time they watched the movie trailer. They didn't to to their Chi Tutors today, so we can catch the movie. I even missed belly class just to see it. The theater was jampacked with children, and you can hear their loud giggles and laughters. I can even hear my children's laughter from where were seated, they were like 5 seats apart from us. Honestly I really do not enjoy Simpsons humor, it's crap! And you ask why am I allowing my kids to watch it? Well they are enjoying and it gives them a good laugh. And I'm not worried at all, I know my kids ^_^


Dine 6:11 PM  

so, let me watch The Simpsons, and find out what the kids are gaga about it.

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