Singing Walking in the Rain

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When I left the house this afternoon to go to Divisoria, it was bright and sunny. Although i knew that it had been raining in the afternoons the past few days, I was just plain lazy to bring an umbrella. I don't usually bring anything when I take the jeepney (public transportation). I just put my money in my pocket and now I can also afford to bring my cellphone with me coz I own a low end celly. You know how it is when taking the jeep, there are hungry wolves (read: thieves) around. Anyways, when I was about to alight the jeep, the rain just poured...bummer! I had to wait inside the jeep, for the rain to stop, but it did not. I just decided to get down anyway not minding if I get wet, anyway there are a lot selling umbrellas in the sidewalk. Yeah I bought one for 50 pesos (less than $1).

I was able to buy some cloths for my Mom and for myself too. I just can't resist this black beautiful embroidered silk taffeta. I'm having it made to a little black dress. I also rewarded myself with a pretty floral top, just because I got wet in the rain, harhar. Lame excuse right? I know, I promised myself not to buy anything but this pink top is just calling me. I don't wanna dream of it over and over again ^_^


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