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Friday, July 20, 2007

I was about to take a bath when I heard something sparking, then suddenly the lights went off. I heard commotion, inside our house and outside. I immediately wore my top without putting on my bra, gosh I was a lil bit in panic already. I had to grab my son Josh who was also groping in the dark. Ish was fast enough to go downstairs already. Josh was met halfway by his yaya (nanny), I went back to get a flashlight. It turned out, the spark came from the Meralco post. Actually fire started already, good thing the construction workers nearby had presence of mind, that they hopped on a car and hopped to the roof and threw a pail of sand to stop the fire from spreading. Firemen responded right away, but there was no need for them as the fire was put off already. Meralco arrived at 11:30, (incident happened around 8 in the evening) but did nothing. We didn't have electricity until today at about 8 in the evening, and it took them only 30 minutes to fix it. It's just frustrating that this people from Meralco didn't respond right away. It took them 24 hours to fix it, arrrrggghhh! Good thing I didn't have any deadlines to meet, hehe, if not maybe I'd go to the nearby internet shop, harhar.

And you know what? I observed that it was only us who went out of the house empty handed, well 4 of us adults were bringing flashlights, and that was it. The others were bringing with them their bags and some paper bags with personal belongings. Another one was even bringing her laptop with her. And us? golly empty handed. If ever the fire continued we won't be able to save anything but ourselves.

Praise God that the fire did not spread. We were saved from such disaster. God is really good!


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