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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I have always wanted my kids to look good, so I have been shopping left and right trying to find beautiful stuffs for them. I so liked the stuffs being sold at this shop coz their clothes are similar to what my kids wore when they were younger. The Children's Place Deals are just awesome with the discounts they offer and so is Baby Center Store Coupons. Grab it and buy some cool stuffs for the little ones.

It's not only for the little ones mind you, there's also Gap Deals for the not so little ones. I love the clothes they sell, I own a few items from this store. Let's all get into our shopping mode, ok?

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Scott 7:37 AM  

Hi there! I noticed you shop a lot for your children’s clothing as do my wife and I! We also want them to feel “cool” and comfortable in their clothes so we are sort of picky as to what we buy so that they don’t scream bloody murder at us when they get the clothes. :)

If you’re looking for a really cool online store that specializes in children’s clothing try going over to Sandbox Couture. It’s a good bet you’ll find something that both you and your kids will like there. Oh, they also have things like stuffed animals if any of your kids are into them. (ours are). My daughter buys their hair pins all the time probably more than she gets their clothes. If you’re into designer children’s clothes they have those too! Hope that helps!

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