8 Random Facts About Myself

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I was tagged by three wonderful bloggers Mommyof2angels, Shern's Mom, and AnP.

8 Random Facts About Myself:

1. You would know that I am relaxed or sound asleep if you see my hand and foot curled. And I hate it when "somebody" straightens it up.

2. Whenever I eat in restaurants, I normally take note of the ingredients listed in the menu of the food I ordered, and try to do it at home. If you notice, whenever I post recipes, I seldom put the measurement, and that only means one thing, I copied the recipe from a certain restaurant.

3. I used to be so negative about a lot of things and found my life very stressful, now I've learned how to relax and be happy - the result, I'm content!

4. I love to "style" my friends, like tell them, this hairstyle would fit you more, or this top really looks good on you, don't wear this, don't wear that, to the point that I'm slowly transforming them, I have yet to see one person get offended with what I do...but so far they only have good words for me.

5. I'm not comfortable wearing lacey lingeries, I'd rather sleep in cotton shorts and tank.

6. Whenever I like something, I buy it in different colors.

7. I can stay on the phone or chat for hours without getting tired.

8. My husband says, for a girl I drive fast ^_^

I'm tagging the following people coz I want to get to know them more:

1. KC
2. MommyCool
3. Lizeth


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