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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If you watched the latest news about the ambush that happened earlier at around 12:45 in the corner of Makati Avenue and Buendia, I was there! We just finished our lunch and was about to take the jeep to go home when we suddenly heard gunfires. My "angel" thought it was fireworks, lol, yeah fireworks in broad daylight, that's how it sounded. Then we suddenly saw a man on foot (had he been caught they could have done a criminal background check) with an armalite or something, it was long, aiming at the 2 vehicles. He looked pretty normal doing the "rambo", only walking and half running, no panic seen. About 20-25 shots heard, less than 20 seconds, 2 men dead and 2 wounded. It was scary, we didn't know where to go, we were on the street about to ride the jeepney. We went inside the 1st building we saw. When the police arrived, we went to see the 2 vehicles, victims still inside, we witnessed too when they were loaded into the ambulance. They say it was suppose to be robbery, more than six million pesos was found inside the pickup. I don't think those bad elements were able to rob them. Sad that nobody was caught, their getaway vehicles were later found abandoned.

P.S. Had a co-passenger in the jeepney who was really cute, muscular, tall, and fair (a hunk in other words), got carried away with the music being played by the driver and started singing "KNIPE, cuts like a KNIPE" harhar TURN OPP!


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