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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our driver is still sick. He didn't come to work since Monday. N's the one bringing the kids to school in the morning, and I'm the one bringing them food for lunch. No, this time I'm not the one cooking. I just can't wake up that early anymore to be able to prepare the food. Nights have been spent researching for the Library Research Report of my son, teaching the kids with their assignments, doing sponsored posts, answering emails and a little bloghopping. 24 hours is just not enough. Internet connection has been acting up for the last couple of days too, that I had to wait til one in the morning. Thank God, kids don't have classes tomorrow in honor of the birthday of Confucious. I'm gonna sit my butt out tonight and try to beat the deadline.

This is what I have been doing while waiting for the kids' dismissal. I started this a couple of months back and have not touched it really since I started doing paid posts. Haha, I'm almost done with the other cup. The question is, when can I finish it? It's only when I wait for the kids that I feel like doing it, since there is no internet cafe near the school where I can spend my waiting time. ^_^ I can't go home either, I need to save on gas, school is like 4-5 kilometer away from our house.

**I think I've put on some weight. All we do is eat and eat while waiting for the dismissal. Imagine stuffing my mouth for 8 hrs, yes that's how long we wait for them. Maybe that's the reason why I have plenty zits too, I eat too much junk food!**


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