Revolutionary Ironing Boards

Thursday, September 13, 2007

When I stumbled upon this website, I was really smiling ear to ear. How primitive I can get, I keep telling myself! It's about time I do away with my conventional ironing board, anyway it has served me well. Introducing, the revolutionary Ironing boards. I really like their Lifestyle Fold-away Wall Mounted Ironing board. You see my laundry room is very small, and this is just the ideal ironing board I can install. What's nice about it is it does not stand in your way when you're done ironing because it's wall mounted. Not only that, it has numerous features that I really like, it swivels and locks at any angle, so you can choose which side you are comfortable in since ironing is such a tedious work. It's sturdy and stable since it's wall mounted, this feature can be attributed to the superb design and engineering. You can choose to mount it according to your height. It's space saving, this is really very important especially to people who has limited space. After use, it can be folded to a about 4 inch wall profile. Don't worry about the installation, you can do it yourself. There's no need to call on somebody to do the installation for you. And there are no special tools either. It's fast and easy. Yeah let me remind you, you get $40 off when you purchase now, or you can buy two and get $100 off. Share this with a friend and avail of the 100 off.


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