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Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Who wants to go with me to Serendra?" asked N. 2 hands were raised! Don't ask who it belonged already know the answer ^_^ We exchanged belly dancing for Serendra, hehe. Hmmmm, we can always dance at home, right Ichiko? We went with N last Friday when he met with one of his clients. We left him at Crispy Kreme, as usual to go shopping err window shopping I mean, well at least for me. And besides I don't have anything in mind to buy. Remember I'm saving my earnings from sponsored writing for something "big". I just wanted to chill out on a friday night.

But Ish had a different agenda. She wanted to buy a new comb and was thinking of Club Princess. Since my beauty and dancing buddy Rica gifted her with something from that store, it became an instant favorite of hers. Nah, she didn't find the comb she was looking for, instead she bought a necklace and a cologne. I'm touched that she also bought me a cologne. She said that she saved some of her allowance from the previous weeks to be able to get me something. But she had a punchline though. "Mom, when you get your moolah from all that sponsored writing, it's your turn to by me a watch from Club Princess, bwaaaaahhhh.

Note: I took that picture while waiting for the reception from our wedding coverage yesterday, what boredom can do really ^_^


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