Thank You Sweet!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our driver called to inform us that he can't come today because he had sore eyes. Whenever he's not around, I take his place bringing and waiting for the kids in school together with their yaya (nanny). Nelson fetched me in school at about 11:00, he wanted me to accompany him to Greenhills and to have lunch at Bangus Restaurant, and pay our mobile phone bills. And what else do you do when you are in Greenhills? Of course, shopping! He did his share of shopping, buying 4 pairs of jeans. He saw me eyeing this cutie silver bag, well I was just admiring it really but did not have intentions of buying it. But when he paid for the stuffs he bought, he also paid for the bag without asking me if I wanted it. Maybe it was all painted in my face that I really really like it, hehe! Thank You Sweet!


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