10 things I Hate

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh dear, I was tagged by Anna also known as Francine about a hundred years ago, sorry dear I can only come up with it now =(

1. Food
lengua (ox tongue), my imagination works pretty bad

2. Fruits
I love fruits, there's none that I hate I think

3. Veggies
green peas

4. People
full of pretense

5. Event/Situation/Incident
traffic, i'm driving a stick, so go figure

6. TV Shows/Movies
I don't attempt to watch tv shows/movies that I hate

7. Music
Loud House Music

8. Household Chores
Washing the dishes

9. Things around the world
War, Corruption

10 . Things about myself
I'm fond of procrastinating, I'm fond of making faces

Hey JellyBelly, it's your turn to tell me the things you hate!


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