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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I have always believed in Tutoring. That is why when my kids started school, I immediately started looking for tutors both in English and Mathematics. Now they have benefited from it, they have a more established study habit.

I am thinking of getting a tutor in Algebra and Geometry for my daughter. I can no longer help her as I am poor in Math too. Tutorvista.com offers Tutoring in those two subjects. They are leading online tutoring company in the world today. What I like about this company is that they have available tutors 24/7. The pool of tutors they have, have graduate degrees, and they have to undergo training and should pass the certification process before they become certified tutors. So if your children need Homework Help, visit their website and find out how they can help your kids.


nysphere 12:36 PM  

I am working on a site. I am aiming to create/integrate over 1000 video tutorias by the end of 2007. Take a look: Algebra Help Online Video Tutorials

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