Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I decided to go again to 168 yesterday afternoon. I just don't understand why I can't buy everything in a day. Nope I'm not senile or anything, it's just that the list keeps on growing. When I asked permission from N to leave for 168, at the last minute he decided to go with me. We took the public transportation (it's so impossible these days to bring a vehicle). I was quite worried that he's going with me. He is not used to that place, much more with the crowds gathered. My motherly instincts started working and I was quite protective of him. I know this is funny, but I dunno really. I acted like I was his Mom, looking after him all the time. I was even worried that he'll get lost or something.

Tomorrow I'm planning to have a trip there once more. This time it's Josh's list that grew. He said he was not gonna give some presents to the girls, but when I checked his list, gosh it grew to 15. I still lack about 10 presents to give, so off to 168 Mall I go again. N is looking forward to go with me again.


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